Knitting Machine Elements in Warp Knitting
  • Knitting Machine Elements in Warp Knitting




    Knitting machine elements that enable the threads to form loops in the warp knitting system; It is expressed as hole needles, latch needles, needle rails, pressure sinkers and tissue pulling wrapping apparatus. These elements are the elements that have a direct effect on the knitting process.



    The types of needles used in warp knitting machines are latch-hook, flexible-tipped or sliding needles as in weft knitting machines. While flexible-tipped and sliding needles are used in knitwear warp machines, latch-hook and sliding needles are used in Rachel warp knitting machines. The most commonly used needle types in warp knitting are latch-hook and flexible-tipped needles.


    A-Tongue needles 

    Tongue needles consist of beak, tongue, neck, body and feet. The needles used in these machines, the number of needles per inch, according to the thickness of the machine, are embedded in metal needle holders from their feet in a unified state. The needles embedded in the metal are mounted side by side on the latch needle rail (guide) through the holes in the lower parts of the machine.






    B-Hole needles 

    In warp knitting machines, perforated needles are also used, which allows the yarn to be invested in knitting needles. The task of the eyelet needles is to help the formation of the loop by delivering the threads to the hooks of the loop-forming latch needles. They are used in perforated needles by screwing them onto the perforated needle rail, embedded in one-inch needle holders, such as latch needles.





    2-Needle Rails 

    Needle rails in warp knitting machines are metal guides in which the machine used for latch and perforated needles are arranged side by side. The number of perforated needle rails varies according to the patterning possibilities. With the movement of these rails, perforated and tongued needles make loop formation. 









    3-Print Platinums 

    Printing sinkers, like latch and eyelet pins, consist of sinkers embedded in one-inch metal holders. The printing sinkers are arranged side by side on their own rail in the width of the machine. The task of the pressure sinkers located between the latch needles is to help the formation of the loop by holding the loose threads during the formation of the loop. 






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Knitting Machine Elements in Warp Knitting