Double warp single weft fabric knits
  • Double warp single weft fabric knits



    Double warp or lining warp While forming the weaves of the fabrics, some of the warp threads are used to increase the weight of the fabric.

    In the fabrics woven in this system, the warp embroidered threads do not cross the thread in places other than the motif on the back of the weaving. However, if the motifs are located frequently along the warp, the lining warp threads at greater distances should be cut with links.

    Thus, unsuitable images on the fabric are prevented.

    If the fabric to be woven is heavy and densely textured, the embroidered threads from the warp are gathered together on the back of the fabric.

    Warp embroidered threads can be used on the full surface of the fabric.

    The ratios of these yarns and the yarns used on the ground may be different.1/1 , 2/1 , 3/1 , 1/2 other EVE Echoes goods.

    Various ground and motif weaving works at least two warps section is required.

    During the drawing-in process, the warp-embroidered yarns should generally be drawn on the back frames and processed in a way that does not make frequent connections.

    While the ground warp threads are distributed equally, drawing all the warp threads in a smooth and parallel manner is the point to be considered during this process.

    Weavings made with this system are not suitable for thick woolen fabrics.

    Because the wool threads used in the warp make it difficult to create a good shed.

    However, it can be used for medium weight wool fabrics.

    The unit weight of these fabrics should not exceed 567 grams.

    To obtain thicker fabrics;

    Because the weft threads can be changed more easily than the threads used in the warp and the operations on the loom can be done in a short time. lining weft fabrics are preferred to lining warp fabrics.

    While the lining warps used here are processed to add weight to the fabric, care is taken not to appear on the front and back of the fabric.

    If the ground weave is not suitable for binding the embroidered threads from the warp on the back of the fabric, special connecting wefts should be used.

    The following features should be considered when designing warp embroidered fabrics:

    In order for the embroidered thread to emerge from a warp and not to form an uneven surface, the ground threads placed on both sides of this thread should be carefully removed.

    The ratio to be used should be changed to eliminate this irregular surface. Instead of 1/1, 2/1 or ½ ratio should be used.

    Below are the double warp single weft fabric knits with lining warp..





















     In the knitting below, the weaves of the ground and lining weavings are given in a ratio of 1/1, the connections made by the ground warps with the lining warps did not adversely affect the front and back sides of the fabric to be made. Because for the ground fabric;






    Three-way twill weave with warp effect, for lining fabric;



    D-------- Z



    It is given a 3-way twill weave with weft effect. Thus, continuous lines of lining warps are prevented.






    The ratio of ground warps to lining warps is 2/1,

    For ground fabric;



    D ----------------- Z



    The construction of the double warp single weft, that is, the lining warp fabric pattern made with twill weave with a warp effect, and a 5-hop 9-weft satin for the lining fabric is shown below.



    In fabrics made in such weaves, each weft thread must be tied by the lining warps. Keeping these weft threads in the same position is necessary for the weaving surface to be smooth.

    In order to obtain sufficient weight in some fabrics, it is necessary to highlight the twisted yarns used and the yarns used as filling. and it should be used as filling yarn. When the filling yarns are woven, all the ground warp yarns will emerge and thus the lining warp yarns will also be reduced. 

    The ratio of ground warps to lining warps is 1/1, for ground fabric;


    D ------------- Z


    4-way twill weave with captive warp, for lining warp;




    D--------------- z

         2 1


    Double warp single weft fabric weave (Lining warp) made by using twill weave with way weft effect is seen.







    The ratio of ground warps to lining warps is 1/1, for ground fabric;






    Medium effect 4-way twill weave, for lining fabric;



    D--------------- Z

    1.      2


    The double warp single weft fabric weave (Lining warp) made by using the right-handed weft effect 4-fold twill weave, starting with numbers, is seen. 








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Double warp single weft fabric knits