Double Plate Interlock Circular Knits
  • Double Plate Interlock Circular Knits

    RR Interlock Normal Knitting Production 


    Interlock fabric is a type of double-layered knitted fabric obtained by placing cylinder and cover needles perpendicularly and opposite each other, only in double-plate circular knitting machines. Even if we stretch the interlock fabrics in the transverse direction, only the right loops are visible on both sides.


    RR Interlock Suspended Knitting Production  


    RR interlock hanging knits are creating patterns with the help of hanger movement as well as looping on the same row.


    RR Rear Investment ( Skip ) Interlock Knitting Production


    RR back laying knits are knits obtained by skipping the back, that is, the cover needles, in some systems in interlock circular knitting machines. With this system, fabrics with a raised front surface are obtained in general.


    RR Interlock Lining Knitting Production



    Lining knits are defined as lining knits because their two surfaces are different from each other in terms of color and yarn.


    RR Interlock Vanize Mesh Production 



    It is a type of knitting obtained by using two different yarns, such as color number and raw material, in double-plate interlock circular knitting machines.








    RR Punto Di Roma Interlock Knitting Production


    Punto di roma braids are braids obtained by using loops and skipping. The production of these braids, whose other name is steel interlock, is the same as other interlock braids. More elastane guipure yarn is used on the back surface of the fabric.









    RR Interlock Hose Knit Production


    There are protrusions in the form of fluffy hose in the transverse direction on the front surface of interlock hose knit fabrics. The back surface of the fabric has the appearance of a flat interlock knit.








    RR Interlock Teksipike (Radier) Knitting Production 


    They are knits obtained by using interlock single-pipe loop, skipping and suspension elements together. The fabrics produced with these knits have a tighter and flatter surface than other interlock knit fabrics.

    RR Interlock Jacquard Knitting Production 


    The production of interlock jacquard knits has similar characteristics with the production of rib jacquard knits. While the pattern is formed on the front surface of the fabric, the colored threads used on the back surface are mixed.







    RR Interlock Relief Mesh Production


    Relief weaves are weaves obtained by embossing method on a flat surface.. In interlock machines, these knits create wavy protrusions on the surface as some of the cover needles are suspended and some are looped.


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Double Plate Interlock Circular Knits