Knitted Fancy Yarns
  • Knitted Fancy Yarns


    Developments in textile technology and constant changes in customer demands have accelerated the development of new fabric types in the textile industry and made it necessary to produce fancy yarn types with different structures and appearances from normal yarns to be used in the production of these fabrics.

    Today, it is possible to produce fancy yarns using different techniques, and depending on these different techniques used, the visual and physical properties of the fabrics produced from these yarns also change.






    Fantasy yarn, "accidental and periodicallyfiedthe irregularıclearı It is a yarn that contains all kinds of forms. This is irregularıClary stay threadınlLIGHTnı, material type and similar properties.ğişdabbing or theseıform with the combination of nşbeing touredır.

    Advance in fancy yarn productionşmes have been examinedğin, between fantasy threadsıknitting, which has an important place inş part of yarn, scarfı-warp knittingği and hair braiding techniqueğcan be produced with i.

    last yearıIn the past, these yarns are especially used for upper clothing, drapery and draperies.şeven more tanned in nursing productsınmbusiness has becomeşare. knittedş threads tooğişmake hrıthey have.

    do theseı and appearance propertiesğlı as wellğişmoment with first namesılmtadır. ladder type yarn, şmelt-ribbon yarnşfeather yarn and kırkaya yarn can be given as an example of these.





    Şmake meltısıThe yarns produced in the company are divided into two as ladder type and ribbon type.ılır. Ladder type yarns are two loops side by side.ğin betweenıthrow it awayılmbusiness a bağlantı ipliğmake chain on circular knitting machineısı helloşwill stay şIt is produced by knitting in the same way. Ladder type yarns small diameterı feed each knitting unit with three yarn guides on circular knitting machinesıis produced. Ribbon type yarns are also small diameterı round scarfılı 6 to 20 spindles on knitting machinesğWhat can be produced with. Knitting and finishingşAfter your threads, make your fantasy threadsısı flat and tape şis attached.

    Kuşfeather yarns in circular knitting machinesılı knitting techniqueğWhen generating with i, kıIf the middle yarns are warp knitting techniqueğa che with işcrochet flat knitting machineşIt is produced in e machines.

    The production of these yarns is parallel to each other.şbetween the loopsıof effect threads fromılması be withşdo the tourının a bıa hairy thread form is formed by cutting it with a pocket knife.şdon't tourı thoseıhang onır.






    Use fancy yarnsıAccording to their location and desired appearance and physical properties, they are used in ring spinning machines, fancy yarn machines, hollowğIn fancy yarn machines, rotor spinning machines, friction yarn machines, flat and circular knitting machines, texturing method, knitting removal method and airı tailstock with systemı become threadşcan be produced by touring methods. 

    Creating Fancy Yarn by Twisting and Pulling

    A-Classical Systems

    A1-Ring Spinning Machines 

    A3-Multi-Drawing System Fancy Yarn Machines

    B-New Spinning Systems

    B1-Hollow Spindle Technique 

    B2-OERotor Machines

    B3-OEfriction Machines 

    Creating Fancy Yarn with Knitting Method

    1- Needle Oscillating Flat Knitting Machines

    2-Circular Knitting Machines

    Creating Fancy Yarn with Other Methods

    1-Texturing Method

    2-Knit the Knit Method

    3-Centered Yarn Forming Methods with Air System


    Classical Systems

    1 ring İFantasy on Spinning Machines İyarn production

    Use a three-cylinder ring twisterılır. cylinder hızsı set to give the desired effectır. Fancy yarn is obtained from two aşcharityı perform asşis raised. first aşamada, one or more counts with effect material (tape, roving or thread)ımain yarn in desired overfeed ratesı are twisted together. İsecond aşAmada is bentş effect material and main yarn provide sufficient strength and stability.ğllaması again on the ring spinning machine forğwire rodğfirst a with işamanıThey are bent in the opposite direction of n. one diğeach method is in the drafting system, where the draft is reduced in a controlled manner. ılması result in yarn şa tapered-tipped stay called antukınlıclearı helloştouredğu şform yarn with antuk unitsşyour hopeğblastıdır.

    2. Modifiedş Ring İFantasy on Spinning Machines İyarn production

    Core yarn (Core yarn), ayn ı consists of two centered fiber bundles şmakadır. The first one consists of a high-strength chemical fiber bundle. şmoment self and diğwrap the soul on this essence ıdo it with cutsğconsisting of red or chemical fiber bundle şmoment dbusiness layeredır. Make a layer core yarn in the center ısınıIt has properties such as strength, dimensional stability, etc.ğwhile; Dbusiness sheet, string ğe aesthetics, comfort and softnessşacquired the characteristics of white attitudeırmaır.

    3. Fantasy with Multi Shot System İSpinning Machines

    In these systems, color effects are in the foreground.ır. cheşuse push-fit attachments ılmtadır. These apparatuses make it possible to obtain multi-color effects by feeding colored fibers according to a certain program.ılmtadır. All color effect units, each fiber feed hızının programsı a control apparatus ı with sıfıbetween r and maximumıDesigned to be precisely adjusted to one shotbusinesstır. In multi-shot systemsıkbusiness four to cylinder şThe melt/wick is routed. Alsoğiş4 injection bands in two colorsı ayrı ayrı is controlled.

    New İSpinning Systems

    1. Hole SpindleFantasy Twisting Machines İyarn production

    Machine drafting system, hollow iğconsists of a twisting hook and a feeding roller. Effect material passing through the shooting system,ıkbusiness snow with the main thread fed from the roller la r. Effect drawstring with overfeedği, y on main threadLIGHTlements and so onısıproduces effects. effect stringği and main, thread together hollow iğthey get inside. returning here ğwire rodğwind from the feed roller by twisting together with iıthey go to unit m

    2. Fantasy in OE-Rotor Machines İyarn production

    Attach additional apparatus to the machine to produce fancy yarn on the rotor spinning machine. ılması in question. Attachment, a pair of feed rollers and a cutting head ıconsists of. The feeding position of the effect material is very important. Very close to the real twist zone of the effectsıwhat happensı required. Optimal point on the rotor spinning machineı search a lot to find ştımake a rmaılmbusinesstır. Doğfeed directly to the rotorıldLIGHTat, kısa and bad ğlantılı, feed the opening roller while the effects are being achievedıldLIGHTin perfectğlantılı effects are achievedşTruck.

    3. Fantasy in OE-Friction Machines İyarn production

    each eğopen bands for shrinking position ıcı fed into the drum. air flowheat yard ımı be with şWith the centrifugal effect, the fiber becomes a single fiber and separates.ı between two perforated cylinders rotating in the direction ıwhat the hellşprivates. These cylinders are air vacuum ımake the fibers from the cylinderheatr and they are bent by the effect of friction. main thread eğIt is fed axially to the grinding zone. so beşa drawstringğlie down automatically in the center ofırılır. Thus, the effect is seen on the yarn surface. İyarn core completely coveredğcount bands ısı and tape afiedrlLIGHTVariations in yarn vary from small irregular effect to material effect.ı causes ratings.

    Knitting Method İle Fantasy İthreadşprison

    Knitted fancy yarns, regular plain yarnğin flat knitting machines according to the single yarn knitting principle or (yarn constant i ğplay by what moving)businessa small scaleı circular knitting machines, one or moreğIt is obtained by knitting with ne. Such yarns; mixed upper clothing textures produced with non-k patternsın trendy appealingğget downırılmasını sağs. side of thisıThese yarns are used from home textiles to drapery fabric. şin the t ıused in many fields such as medical textiles and packaging textiles. ıto mfied existsır.

    DiğFantasy with Private Methods İthreadşprison

    1. Textured Fantasy İWork on Spinning Machinesı Through Fantasy İyarn production

    Applied şplanting and ısılişyarns according to theğişvoluminous at first levels, mattık, brightık and sıhow about youşget features like eır.

    2. Fantasy with the Knit-The-Knit Principle İyarn production

    With this method, the yarns are first knitted in a special knitting machine in order to obtain fancy yarn. knitted ş do what isı flick boilers ıNda ısı with i şFlicks seeing the action and then hangs up.ğumaya bırakılır. soğumuş The knitted surface is then dismantled in the dismantling machine and wrapped in a bobbin.ılır.

    3. Havalı System İPuntalI Iyarn production

    Centering; so on filament yarn ğuk air flow ımı by sending filaments ın apartılmbusiness between departmentsısnow to each otherbusinessmbusiness make partitionsştailstockı make a batchı purpose to createıdo it withılol a işworld.


    Knitted Fantasy İS of threadsınıflandırılması

    Knitted fancy yarns are related to production methods.ğlı as atkılı knitted basisıyarns and warp knitting based onıdivided into two groups as yarns produced according toılır. atkılı knitted basisıyarns produced according to RL flat knitting yarns and RL fancy (pileı) s as threadsınıflandırılıWhile warp knittingıThe yarns produced according to theşyarns produced in e-spinning machines and yarns produced in cylinder knitting machines.ınıflandırılır.

    Yarns produced on the basis of weft knitting

    1-RL Plain Knitted Yarns (Circular Knitting) 

    2-RL pile knitting yarns (Circular knitting)

    Yarns produced on the basis of warp knitting

    1- Threads produced in crochet thread machines (flat knitting with needle oscillation)

    2- Yarns produced in cylinder knitting machines (Circular knitting)


    Kroşe İin the Spinning Machine (Spindlewhat raftınımlı Flat Knitting Machines) Fancy İYarn Production Principle

    Kroşplay of e spinning machinesbusinessmainı warp knitting basisıplay it thoughbusinessdo itısı It is similar to weaving. This similarity şu şin the form: knitter iğloop with whatşumu warp threadğatkı kılav tubes sidesıthrow awayılol threads are atkı ipliğrepresents the baseı different in detailsılıbe shortıwhat's upğban originalıA versatile horizontal ra şhand warp knitting machineşe-spinning machines are usuallyğwhat railısettle inşknurledş hookı iğwhat, warp kıguidesı, atkı kıguide tubes and diğprivate yardımcı knitted elementsı with a lotşmake push knitting yarnsımıwhat opportunityğs. a croşelements in the e-spinning machine construction: playbusinessma engine, control panel, atkı ipliği feeder rollers, warp threadği feeder rollers, finishedş product picking beam, warp kıguidesı, atkı kıguide tubes , loopğwhat, lamellas, automatic orğlayıcı, and returns bıfastener roller şin the form of sıcan be found.İcustom requested from yarnğand bağlı As a result, more than one yarn is fed to the machine. knit i şThe knitting is done with the knitting elements in the machine.ğplannedır. İdieşum hookı iğwhat warp kıyour guideğloop floss with a left movement ğget off, lie downırımı and iğwith the back and forth movement of this ropeğthe loopğrealized with the inclusion of eşir. The thread in the machine and desired to be obtainedğIn a third functional element activated according to the knitter iğdon't haveğzına effect threadği or fiber şmelt-feeding atkı kılavatory tubes. From these tubes yarn or şmelt delivery is still at the desired intervalıcontinuously and this intervalıclar dheatit was intermittentır.






    Knitting on the machineğwhat's wrongıfront of the machineısmısmall b inıknocks or back kısmırotary bıThere is a hammer systemır. yarn producedğaccording to bıflashesıwhether n engages and bıflashesın which intervalıcut with clarfied being setır. cutter bıflashesıoccur with the activation of nşmoment yarn surface towelıdır. The delivery of the yarns to be knitted to the machine is behind the machine.ıca inğlıklar machine bottom centerıwhat to doğru hğlanıearly obtained fantasy threadğout of the machineıkheat the top of the machine ısmıbe fromşthe yarns are placed on the top of the machine.ısmıfound in theıkrıclare wrapılır.

    KroşThe yarns produced in e machines are soft.şwhite, hairy and sıra dheat has a surface. İthğand bağlı make a machine ısıcutter bıitfieduse n ımı with furry kıryak or bıLadder type fancy yarn without using a pocket knifeşpublic ğlanır. Kık in rkaya yarnsıThe pure fibers are called pile and the high loop yarns are called chain yarns.ı is given. The resulting yarn is hairy and pileı it looks like a surface.

    Fancy Yarns Produced in Cylinder Knitting Machine (Circular Knitting Machine)

    Small diameter circular knitting machines are used in the production of knitted fancy yarns. These machines can produce with weft and warp knitting techniques. In cylinder knitting machines that produce with the warp knitting principle, while the yarn is moving, the knitting needles (fixed) are in motion collectively.





    We can show ladder type yarns as an example of yarns produced on the basis of warp knitting in small diameter cylinder knitting machines. Ladder type yarns are produced by knitting a connection yarn thrown between two adjacent loops in a circular knitting machine to form a chain structure. In the cylinder knitting machine, each knitting head is fed with three yarn guides. In the knitting head part of the machine, the yarns coming from the two guides on both sides form the chain, and the yarn coming from the middle guide forms the band part.


    Machines are manufactured with single or multiple working units (such as 4,6,8, 12, XNUMX and XNUMX units). It is possible to produce different fancy yarn structures at the same time with very small differences in each knitting unit of the machines. In cylinder knitting machines that produce with the principle of weft knitting, while the yarn is fixed, the knitting needles are in motion respectively.






    The bed where the needle channel is located is fixed, and the steel heart that moves the needles rotates, and thus the needles lined up around the cylinder rise in order according to the heart profile and form a loop of the ground thread on them. In this way, they form connections in the transverse direction in rows. As stated in the classification of knitting fancy yarns, yarns produced on the basis of weft knitting are divided into two groups. These are RL plain knitting yarns and RL pile knitting yarns.

    1. RL Plain Knitting Yarns ( Circular Knitting )

    These yarns are obtained by knitting one or more ply yarns with 6 to 20 knitting needles on a cylinder (round) knitting machine on the basis of weft knitting. They are called ribbon chain type threads. These threads are in the form of a tube. The width of the resulting structure depends on the number of needles in the unit. The needles arranged around the diameter in the machine head rise in sequence and loop the ground thread.






    2. RL Pile Knitting Yarns (Circular Knitting)

    RL pile knitting yarns are formed by attaching a fancy yarn knitting apparatus to the knitting unit of the knitting machine and knitting at least two yarns on 4 needles. One of these yarns is used as ground and the other as effect yarn. The effect thread and the ground thread are placed on the needle hook at the same time. Therefore, there are two threads in each loop. However, the effect thread has taken such a position that it is wrapped around the apparatus before starting the next row of stitches. After the second row of loops is formed, the knitted thread is pulled by the tissue pulling mechanism and the thread wrapped around the apparatus is cut by the cutter blade while moving down. In this case, fancy yarn with cut pile is obtained. This type of yarn is called down yarn.

    Centipede Yarn

    Centipede yarn is a fancy yarn that has a special area of ​​use in the production and design of many fashion element fabrics today. Thanks to its feathery and unusual appearance, it has become the choice of fabric designers in many pieces. With its velvety and shine feature, it is used as a yarn that improves its appearance and attitude in home textiles, especially in curtain fabrics and many products for daily use.






    Centipede yarn is a fancy yarn that contains 2 different yarns called pile (effect) and chain (loop) yarn. The formation principle of this thread is based on the fact that the thread called chain thread forms a loop with the knitting needle and the effect thread is laid on the formed loop and fixed (compressed) during the next loop formation.

    a) Chain (Ground, Loop) Thread: It is the yarn that forms the basis of the knitted centipede fancy yarn and fixes the pile yarn tightly in its body by making loops in the longitudinal direction on the basis of warp knitting. Centipede is generally used in yarn production. FDYor DTY (Texture) Polyester chain yarns are used. 

    b) Pile (Effect, Tape) Thread: Centipede is the yarn that gives the yarn an aesthetic appearance and determines the surface appearance. Yarns produced from staple fibers or filament DTY (Texture) yarns are used as effect yarn. Especially polyester, floss, cotton threads are frequently used. The effect thread can be one or more.

    Centipede yarn is formed by fixing the effect yarn to be cut to a predetermined length by laying it between the loops formed with the chain yarn in order to provide a hairy surface. Basic and effect yarns are fed from the creel in the background of the crochet yarn machine shown below, and they come together to form centipede yarn and pass through the rollers at the bottom of the machine and are wound on the spinning wheels at the top of the machine by means of the winding mechanism.

    The chain and effect yarns that make up the centipede yarn structure are strung on the creel located at the back of the machine. The chain threads forming the loops are passed between the rollers at the front of the machine and at the bottom. It is passed through the warp guides on the sinker rail, which provides the yarn to be fed to the knitting needles. A chain thread is passed through each warp eye, and the effect threads that make up the pile part of the centipede thread are fed from the upper part of the machine and passed through the weft guide tubes.

    At least 3 knitting needles and 2 weft guide tubes are required for the formation of centipede yarn in only one row. While three chain threads (loop thread) are fed to the knitting needles in the machine; two pile yarns (effect yarns) are fed to the weft guide tubes located on the bars in the machine. Although the working principle of crochet machines is based on the warp knitting principle, the working logic is similar to the weaving process. This similarity can be expressed as follows: The loops formed with the chain thread represent the warp thread, and the pile thread thrown between the loops as an effect represents the weft thread.


    During the production of centipede yarn, there are some parameters that affect the production in crochet yarn machines. If we list the important parameters:

    >>>>> Chain and effect thread count

    >>>>>> pile length

    >>>>> Winding speed (Production speed)

    >>>>> Shooting rate

    >>>>> Needle head diameter

    These factors interact with each other and are dependent on each other.

    a) Chain and Effect Yarn Number

    Centipede is generally used in yarn production. FDY or DTY (Texture) Polyester chain yarns are used. It has been determined that these yarns provide trouble-free operation in the machines. As it is more resistant to abrasion, it provides more efficient working with less breakage. Yarns produced from staple fibers or filament DTY (Texture) yarns are used as effect yarn that gives an aesthetic appearance to centipede yarn. It can work with polyester, cotton, floss, acrylic, viscose and nylon fiber-based yarns as raw materials. The effect thread can be one or more. The basic and effect yarn material can be the same or different. However, yarns produced from staple fibers are generally preferred as effect yarns due to the difficulties in fixing the piles tightly, as the filament yarns cause low friction properties between the chain and effect yarn components. Obtaining methods, strength and fiber fineness, which are structural properties of component yarns, are important parameters affecting production. Yarn entry number in crochet thread machine generally varies between 150 Denier and 1200 Denier. It is possible to produce centipede yarn in many different numbers in the machine. The number values ​​of the component yarns fed to the machine directly affect the centipede yarn number value desired to be obtained in the machine.

    b) Pile Length

    In centipede yarn production, the effect (pile, tape) yarn, which is the yarn that affects the appearance properties of the yarn and determines the handle, color and aesthetic appearance of the fabrics to be produced from these yarns, is cut depending on the gap between the loops and takes its place as pile within the centipede yarn. In the crochet yarn machine, the knitting needles are arranged at certain intervals according to the yarn pile length to be obtained. Since the bands formed between the two loops are cut with cutter systems, the wing length on one side of the loop constitutes half of the pile length. Pile length is also an important parameter that affects the number of yarn desired to be obtained.

    c) Winding Speed ​​(Production Speed)

    The power from the working motor is transmitted to the yarn picking beam, the blade mechanism and the drafting rollers in the machine. The working speed of the crochet machine varies between 300-2000 rpm. When the working speed is increased, the speed of all parts of the machine increases. speed on the crochet machine; increases with increasing power from the engine. If the machine runs fast, the band width is short, and if the machine runs slow, the band width is long. The fast or slow operation of the machine affects the amount of production per hour. The parameters affecting the yarn weight in its production are the thickness of the component yarn numbers, the loop density and the pile length.

    d) Withdrawal Rate

    Centipede threads formed in the crochet thread machine must be drawn with a roller pair before winding. This pair of rollers is located at the bottom of the machine. The draft rate affects the loop size in the yarn and thus the loop density. If the drafting rate increases, the production speed also increases due to the increase in the loop size. Reducing the draft reduces the loop size in the yarn structure and increases the loop density. This causes a decrease in production. Loop density is also an important parameter that affects the number of yarn desired to be obtained.

    e) Needle Head Diameter:

    Crochet machines are usually manufactured with a gauge of 10-20 needles per inch. The width of the machine varies between 40 and 180 cm. In the crochet thread machine, latch needles are used as well as flexible-tipped needles are generally used. The needle head diameter of the needles in the crochet thread machine affects the width of the loop to be formed. Even if the draft value applied as a result of the operation of two needles with different head sizes is the same, the loop density of the centipede yarns to be produced will be different.

    Kroşe İFancy on the Spinning Machine İyarn Production Businesslem NameıDo you haveı

    Kroşsingle-sided on e-spinning machinesı towelı form of fantasy threadsşdon't tourı 2 knitters for iğwhat, 1 scarfı kılavatory tube is required. croşe be yarnşbasic movement for umu, hookı iğwhat, warp kıguidesı, atkı kıthree names with guide tubes movementıIf we put it in:


    İfirstly iğwhat's the loopşstep forward to tourğru takes action. Atk ı kıThe lavuv tube is emitted with this movement.ş timeı up ası doğru take action şs. warp threadğfirstıflexible tip with guidesğwhat it passes over.


    İin the second moveğwhat to do mostğget position by moving ruır. Atkı k ıthe lavuv tube is upı continues its movement. warp kıleft the plane of guidanceğturn left nowğru take actionşs. warp kıadvice aşafied doğrope pulling ruğand iğwhat hookılet it passğs.


    Spindlewhat hookıwhat's upş warp threadğiiğwithdrawn by the backward movement of the Atkı kıthe guide tube completes its movement to the left between the old loop and the new loop.ıatk fromı ipliğlie downırır and aşafied go downşs. between old loopsıthrow awayıdamn atkı ipliği by pulling the loops sıkheatr and fixed.

    Fancy Yarn Creation by Twisting and Pulling

    Classical Systems

    1-Fancy Yarn Production on Ring Spinning Machines

    A three-cylinder ring twisting machine is used. Roller speeds are adjusted to give the desired effect. Fancy yarn is produced in two stages. In the first stage, the effect material (tape, roving or yarn) and one or more main yarns are twisted together by giving the desired overfeed rates. In the second stage, the twisted effect material and the main yarn are twisted together with the binding yarn in the ring spinning machine in the opposite direction of the first stage in order to provide sufficient strength and stability. Another method is to provide yarn formation with slub units in the drafting system, in which tapered end thicknesses, called slub, are formed in the yarn as a result of controlled shrinkage.

    2. Fancy Yarn Production on Modified Ring Spinning Machines

    Core yarn consists of two concentric fiber bundles. The first is the core consisting of a high-strength chemical fiber bundle, and the other is the outer layer consisting of a staple natural or chemical fiber bundle wound on this core. While the core yarn structure in the center provides the properties of heat such as strength and dimensional stability; The outer layer gives the yarn aesthetic, comfort and soft handle properties.

    3. Fancy Spinning Machines with Multi-Draw System

    In these systems, color effects are in the foreground. Various additional apparatuses are used. These apparatuses make it possible to obtain multi-color effects by feeding colored fibers according to a certain program. All color effects units are designed in such a way that each fiber feed rate is precisely adjusted to a draft between zero and maximum by a programmed control apparatus. In multi-draw systems, four slivers/rovings are directed to the delivery cylinder. 4 injection bands in different colors are controlled separately

    Fancy Yarn Production on Modified Ring Spinning Machines


    Classical Systems

    Core yarn consists of two concentric fiber bundles.

    The first is the core consisting of a high-strength chemical fiber bundle, and the other is the outer layer consisting of a staple natural or chemical fiber bundle wound on this core.

    While the central layer provides the properties of the Core yarn structure such as strength and dimensional stability; The outer layer gives the yarn aesthetic, comfort and soft handle properties.

    Multi Shot System[ Fancy Yarn Machines


    Classical Systems

    Fancy Spinning Machines with Multi-Draw System

    In these systems, color effects are in the foreground. Various additional apparatuses are used. These apparatuses make it possible to obtain multi-color effects by feeding colored fibers according to a certain program. All color effects units are designed in such a way that each fiber feed rate is precisely adjusted to a draft between zero and maximum by a programmed control apparatus. In multi-draw systems, four slivers/rovings are directed to the delivery cylinder. 4 injection bands in different colors are controlled separately


    Knitted fancy yarns, differentı play with material typesbusinesswhat's upfied and find a flexible productLIGHTto have theirı use in many fieldsılmtadır.

    Especiallyğişik şdesign in shapesım possibilitiesı and geneş find a patternLIGHTto have theirı, these yarns are used in many new areasımınılet me pave the waybusinesstır.

    Knitting type fancy yarnsşin textile and drapery (kırayak yarn, ladder type yarn), jalousie curtains (croşin e machines şknitted in melt formş yarns), clothing textiles (kırkayak yarnşfeather yarn), tıin medical textiles (compression and wound protection purposes)ı genes have been identified.ş split in tape formı elastic bandage) and packaging textiles.ıuse as nılmtadıthey are.




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