History of Knitting
  • History of Knitting







    yarn eğknitting, weaving and sewingş like işDespite the fact that these were made from 5000-6000 BC,ğmen hand knittingği In Egypt around 600 ADşfedmilyşTruck. İfirst knittingşThe simple syllables were still used today until 1589. şişmile, tğ perform withşknurledşti.

    Create a knit surfaceşThe first use of mechanical tools for walking was in 1589. İin England by William Leeşis itşTruck.

    Examination of hand gestures to knit a sockş and do the same on a bed lying horizontally.ğwhat did he doşTruck. Flexible tip knitğwhat was usedğThis mechanism could make 16 loops at the same time. Separate i for each loopğWhat is this machine with 600 stitches per minute? şaşbustle at breakneck speedşhe was tiring. A separate needle for each stitch of the machine.ğwhat was it andşoriginally she could only weave flat surfaces. Socks were obtained by sewing the edges of the knitted surface. Over time, Lee became able to knit pieces of certain shapes.ğcome a system thatşhe sighed. knit işa certain stepğBy pulling certain hooks on the machine,şout of classşI was leaving. Knitting machine 12 orşIt could be used by a child of his age and knitted 10-15 times faster than hand knitting in its original form.

    Jedediah Strutt in 1758 in a horizontal positionğwhat to sleepği, a vertical iğwhat to sleepğfirst couple i adding more iğwhat bed knitting machine did you makeşTruck.







    In 1789, the Frenchman Decroix Wise built a circular bed.ğWhat did he make his first circular knitting machine by stringing?şTruck.

    Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1805, FranceMechanical jacquard technique for weaving machines in Lyon,ğwhat did you findştype. Later, this technique was adapted to knitting machines; by means of perforated cartonsğwhat has been given a pattern movementşTruck.

    if in 1847 İEnglishman Matthew Townsend, bilingualğwhat by finding a new beginning in knitting historyğopens up. this findş, the long-known hook iğwhat's the pressureşEliminate the problem and make the mechanism easierşIt helps speed up the hand looms and thus reduce the costs.ğs.

    Chemnizt in 1857For the first time, A. Eisenstuck from şComes with double plate knitting machineşand obtains the patent of this machine.

    In 1863, the American inventor Isaac William Lamb was tongued.ğwhat is it equipped withş made the first flat knitting machineşTruck. This knitting machine is the first knitting machine to preserve the basic knitting principles.

    1864in William Cotton, beak iğbush on nele bedsşmakes the bed positions vertical.

    In 1878, D.Gris Wold realized the first rib production.şTiren obtains the patent of the circular knitting machine. vertical cylinder and iğwhat, horizontal cover and iğwhat has been addedşTruck.

    In 1918, the first double-cylinder, small-diameter circular knitting machine andğwhat propellants İenglandManufactured by the Wildt company inşTruck.

    1920to the end of the 'sğru straight and started the fabrication production of colored patterned knits on circular knitting machines.şis itşTruck.

    İsecond world warşdevelopment in mechanical and electronic fields afterşThe reflections of the textiles in knitting technology are beginning to be seen.şslideş 1946Production performance and product variety in circular knitting machines afterşshyğa series of boostersşwhat about meşmemoryşTruck.

    knitting techniqueğsand with iş production 1950"in and 1960"began to increase gradually in theşslideş and to thatğKnitting machines also come withşknurledşTruck.







    knitting industry, İSecond World Warşan important arrivalşcan't show meşTruck. But the warşWith the end of knitting, it has developed very important and fast in every branch of knitting.şhave angelsştype. this comeştogether with the knitted sandşThey are starting to be used and preferred more in every field.şis itşTruck. With the use of electronic and computer technologies in knitting machines, the development in the field of knittingşare progressing at a rapid pace today. this comeşknitted fabric as a result ofşAlong with the usage areas of the products, the production amounts are also high.şDid they showşTruck.







    Today, circular knitting machines, due to their high production performance,şknittedş in the production of knitted surfaces; flat knitting machines are mostly used in the production of fully fashion knitted surfaces. In addition, knitting machines are used for fancy clothing and outerwear due to their high patterning possibilities.ş It is also widely used in the production of clothing products.



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History of Knitting