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    The winding process of the weft bobbin placed in the shuttle in shuttle weaving looms is called weft preparation. In looms without shuttle, the weft preparation section is not needed since the wefts are fed directly from the bobbin. Weft winding is done in bobbin weft winding and overall type weft winding machines.


    It is used for winding thin threads. In this system, weft yarn is wound on wooden plastic or cardboard bobbins. As the bobbin rotates and winds the yarn, a traverse (forward-backward) movement is given to make the winding smooth. As the thread is wound on the bobbin, the thread guide slides forward. When the bobbin length reaches the desired length, the spindle rotation is stopped because the thread guide touches the mechanism that stops the spindle rotation. 






    JUMPSUIT TYPE WINDING MACHINE It is generally used for winding thick yarns. In coverall type bobbin winding, the yarn is wound on a spindle on the machine. There is a conical guide to give conicality to the wrapped yarn. Spindle rotates and performs the winding operation. While the spindle rotates, the traverse bar moves back and forth, ensuring that the winding is smooth. As the bobbin is wound, the coiled part shifts to the right under the pressure of the conical element and when the bobbin reaches the desired length, the idler lowering stops the winding. 


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weft machines