Auxiliary Machines in Weft Knitting
  • Auxiliary machines in Weft Knitting



    dismantling machine 

    Products knitted incorrectly in knitwear factories and workshops It unwinds its threads and rewinds it into an empty cone. It can also be used as a yarn winding machine by making a simple change in the belt system. It is produced as 2, 4, 6 heads according to user needs and requests.






    overlock machine 

    It is a machine that cleans the edges of knitted knitwear and combines them.







    The machine numbered 6-7-8-10-12-14-16 is used for sewing V-neck, crew-neck, polo collar, jacket and all kinds of knitwear.






    Tegel/ side sewing machine 

    It is the machine used for sleeve joining and edge sewing.






    Knitwear ironing machine 

    It provides ironing of knitted products without fraying. It absorbs its own water, is steamy and has a vacuum device that absorbs the steam.  






    cutting machine 

    It is a small size cutting machine designed for fine cutting of various fabrics. The air routing system protects the engine by keeping it at low temperature. It provides soft and precise cutting with its unique thin base.


    twine winding machine 

    It is a machine for winding knitting yarns.






    Tick ​​Tock machine 

    It is a knitting machine for knitting tape.










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Auxiliary Machines in Weft Knitting