Draw Frame Questions
  • Draw Frame Questions

    1- What is the purpose of making Traction Band?



    C.1. The slivers from the card come to the draw frame. The thickness (diameter) of the bands is not the same everywhere. There are thin and thick places that follow each other along the band. In the draw frame, removing the unevenness of the belt is only possible by combining (dubbing) 6-8 belts together. Thus, it is seen that the unevenness is largely eliminated by replacing the thick places of some bands and the thin places of others. Bands thickened by dubbing are thinned by applying traction (6-8). Normally the mechanical drafting rate is kept close to the number of draw frames fed, as there is a limitation to the fineness that a sliver can be drawn.



    Q.2- What are the Duties of Draw Frame Machines?



    C.2.a- Thinning the bands taken from the comb by paralleling them by pulling

           b- Ensuring the homogeneity and smoothness of the mixture by dubbing

           c-To ensure that the hooks at the fiber ends are opened in order to make the combing process healthier.

           obtaining d-Band.



    Q.3- What is the purpose of making tension tape in wool spinning? Tell me?



    C.3. Pulling tape has an important place in wool spinning. For this reason, the number of folding (dubbing) becomes directly important. This also plays a big role in the unevenness. With the bands obtained from the wool card, the process applied to give more direction to the fiber, to straighten the fibers and to facilitate combing, to balance and smooth the weights of the bands per unit length, to obtain bands of certain thickness, and the machines used for this purpose are called drawing machines. Each applied drawing is also called a passage. The bands coming out of the carding machine are fed to the drawing machines as tops or with buckets; those coming from the carding machine are fed by buckets.



    Q.4- What is the function of drawing machines in wool spinning?



    C.4.a ) Reducing number deviations by minimizing unevenness by combining the thin and thick parts of the bands fed randomly with the help of folding (dubbing)


    b ) Bringing together more than one band with the help of folding and ensuring that the mixture becomes homogeneous.


    c) To provide the mixture by bringing together different types and colors of fiber bands with the help of folding.


    ç) Opening the fiber hooks in both directions by passing the fiber through at least two drafting machines.


    d ) To thin the bands at every stage with the help of drawing


    e ) To obtain a band.


    Q.5- In how many parts is the Laboratory Type Drawing Machine examined? What are their names?


    C.5. It is analyzed in three parts. These;


    a- ) Feeding part b- ) Drawing part c- ) Winding part


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Draw Frame Questions