Wavy Twill Weave
  • Wavy Twill Weave


    A simple twill intersection can be arranged to form twill lines that zigzag in the weft direction of the fabric. Instead of a zigzag line that makes sharp turns, wavy (curvy) twills will be obtained if the twill jumps are lined up along a curve that makes smooth turns.

    The twill paths appear as straight or broken lines in all twill weaves except for the wavy twills. These, on the other hand, have curved twill paths. In their creation, any twill can be taken as a basis, as in broken twill and herringbone weaves. Again, after the desired layout is set with the drawing (in a way to create the desired curves here), the movements of the twill weave, which is based on, are processed on the pattern paper in accordance with the drawing. In the creation of these twills, all superiority lies with the designer. By combining knitting knowledge and aesthetic appearance with the desired market conditions, the designer selects the base twill weave that will provide the image he is looking for and arranges the wavy (curved) drawing.

    The drawings of wavy-way twills are quite mixed. For this reason, it causes difficulties in drawing the warp threads broken during weaving correctly and extreme caution is required. However, there is a chance to be used especially in women's outerwear fabrics.









































































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Wavy Twill Weave