Narrow Woven Lamels
  • Narrow Woven Lamels



    They are system elements that are attached to each warp thread in weaving looms and also known as warp thread checker, when the warp thread breaks or loosens, it falls down and closes the electrical circuit and makes the machine stop. The lamella is suspended on each warp thread. If a thread breaks, the lamellas fall on the contact bars, closing and disconnecting the electricity. 






    The weight of the lamellas and their proximity to each other are important. Light lamellas wear less. If the lamella is too light, it will not fall fast enough to prevent weaving errors, if it is too heavy, it will pull the threads down, causing the machine to stop unnecessarily.






    Heavy lamellas should be used, whenever possible, for coating yarns and cut/spun yarns in high speed narrow woven fabric looms. If the lamellas are lined up too tightly (number of lamellas/cm), their movement will be restricted due to friction. 1x4 lamellas are used for low or medium density warping and 2x4 lamellas are used for high density warping.






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Narrow Woven Lamels