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    There are different types of combs used in various productions. These; It can be counted as profiled comb, split comb, leno comb, corrugated comb and moving comb.

    Profiled comb

    It is a channel reed that provides ease of weft insertion in air jet and water jet weaving machines. 

    split comb

    It is a special reed used in high speed weaving machines. The compartments are divided into two as upper and lower so that the weft thread can pass from the back of the comb.

    Leno comb

    It is a weaving reed consisting of sequentially successive full and half-length braces. Half-length threads have holes through which the crossing threads pass.

    corrugating comb

    It is a special comb in which the teeth in groups approach each other up and down in order. It provides a wavy appearance on the fabric.

    movable comb

    In weaving machines with shuttle, if the shuttle is in the shed, it is the reed type that goes backwards with the effect of the pressure created by the shuttle. This backward movement of the comb activates the mechanism that stops the machine. It also prevents warp breakout.

    In addition to these combs, combs are also available for special textured fabrics.

    Carding errors are usually caused by the warp threads being passed through the card in an incorrect order. It appears as a gap or bulge in the fabric that continues along the ball, in which case the pattern is distorted. It is a type of error that can be corrected immediately when noticed. In addition, the warp thread passed through the wrong thread breaks in a short time or breaks the warps next to it.












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