Electronic Jacquard Weaving Machine
  • Electronic Jacquard Weaving Machine



    The pursuit of increasing cost reduction, quality efficiency and ease of pattern writing in weaving machines has made the use of electronic jacquard machines widespread.


    Jacquard shedding made as a result of the mallion movement provided by using special modules, electronic cards and electro magnets. called electronic jacquard.


    • In general, all electronic jacquards have a fault finding system.
    • This feature provides reliability and ease of maintenance.
    • It also has the advantage of being able to control more than one electronic jacquard from a single center.
    • Production data can be accessed through the communication network system between the central computer in the enterprise and the electronic jacquard. Electronic jacquards do not have logs, cardboard and needles as in mechanical jacquard.
    We can list the advantages of computerized jacquard as follows:
    • Machine maintenance and repair costs are lower due to the reduction of mechanical parts.
    • The error rate in the fabric to be woven is very low.
    • It is easier to correct the errors in the pattern.
    • Time was saved by decreasing the patterning and touching time of the sample.
    • Pattern cardboard is no longer needed, cardboard punching and cost are eliminated.
    • There is no cost of storage and protection of cartons.
    • Electronic jacquard has different elements than mechanical jacquard.
    • It consists of electronic jacquard modules.
    • The task of the modules in the machine is to transform the electronic data into mechanical data (pattern in the computer, mechanical movement) to ensure the formation of the mouthpiece.
     Elements of electronic jacquard
    1-Machine set:
    • They are the interconnection parts that transfer the reading movements coming from the sinkers to the earrings.
    2-Platinums (Hooks):
    • It is the part that moves the rollers by being affected by the latches and blades.
    • They are the parts that are in the effect area of ​​the electromagnet and make opening and closing movements according to the pattern.
    • They are the parts that are attached to the hooked parts of the sinkers that get rid of the latches according to the pattern movement and carry them up and down. They are the blades that allow the mouthpiece to open.
    5-Electro magnet:
    • They are electronic jacquard pieces that control the sinkers with the help of latches.
    • With the help of the given electric current, it creates a magnetic field with the help of the windings inside and enables the latches to move.
    • During magnetization, the upper part of the latch is pulled to prevent the sinker from being attached to the lower end.
    • The energy consumed varies according to the knitting.
    Maintenance and Adjustment of Electronic Jacquard Mechanism 
    • Maintenance and lubrication in jacquard should be considered within the general maintenance and lubrication rules. Before starting the lubrication, it is important that the parts to be lubricated are brought to the appropriate position. Lubrication is done so that the moving parts of the machine work smoothly and without causing wear.
    Lubrication frequencies were determined according to the movement intensity of the parts. The automatic lubrication pump of the machine is used for this process.
    In electronic jacquard, after the failed module is removed, repaired or maintained, it is put back in its place. When installing the module, attention should be paid to the working direction. This, which is one of the advantages of electronic jacquard machines, allows only the damaged module to be repaired, not the whole machine, in case of failure.
    On computer-equipped weaving machines, machine settings are easily and clearly displayed on the screen. Errors, operating instructions and maintenance intervals are displayed on the screen.
    Since patterns are made with computer programs in electronically controlled jacquard machines, cardboard and cardboard punching machines in the mechanical system are no longer needed.
    Pattern preparation work to be created for the electronic jacquard machine is done in two ways. These are removing the sample pattern or recreating a sample pattern.
    The operations to be performed on the pattern of a ready fabric sample are as follows:
    • 1-Scan
    • 2-Coloring
    • 3-Cleaning
    • 4-Pattern sizing
    • 5-Working on the pattern
    • 6-Weft and warp quality information input
    • 7-Organization
    • 8-Simulation
    • 9-Coloring
    The weave or motif intended to be woven in electronic jacquard is created in the computer environment. First, cleaning is done to clarify the areas and lines. Coloring is done according to the knitting regions. The weaves to be used are selected. The choice of knitting is very important in terms of the formation of patterns on the fabric. The warp and weft attachment points allow the weave to emerge. After the pattern preparation process is finished, it is transferred to the digital carrier. This carrier is entered into the machine central processing unit. The control unit works by keeping the information about other parts of the machine under control along with the pattern entered.
    Considerations While Maintaining and Adjusting the Electronic Jacquard Mechanism
    In electronic jacquard, after the failed module is removed, repaired or maintained, it is put back in its place. When installing the module, attention should be paid to the working direction. This, which is one of the advantages of electronic jacquard machines, allows only the damaged module to be repaired or replaced, not the whole machine, in case of failure. During the maintenance and adjustments of the electronic jacquard mechanism, it is necessary to be more careful in terms of the machine, the product and the environment, if any, on the machine, since the system is located on the upper part of the machine. In addition, it will be possible to list the general rules to be followed as follows.
    • 1-The electronic jacquard systems used in weaving machines are technologically advanced machines. For this reason, great precision should be shown when making adjustments, operation and maintenance.
    • 2-The personnel responsible for performing the operations must carefully read, fully understand and follow the instructions for maintenance and adjustments, the handbook, and follow the steps given.
    • 3-The machine must be stopped during the adjustment and maintenance of the electronic jacquard system.
    • 4- If necessary, the oil of the electronic jacquard system must be changed and cleanliness must be ensured in all other lubrication processes. The slightest risk of slipping due to oil particles scattering around must be avoided.
    • 5- It is strictly forbidden for the authorized person who maintains and adjusts the electronic jacquard system to clean himself with compressed air.
    • 6-The used oil taken from the machine for lowering must be collected and processed at the oil processing plant.
    • 7- During the disassembly and assembly of the electronic jacquard system, it is imperative that the parts, screws and various holding elements are reassembled and tightened with appropriate torques. Otherwise, tightening the screws too much may cause them to break, leaving them loose may cause the screw and part to come off and cause more damage.



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Electronic Jacquard Weaving Machine