Classification of Electronic Knitwear Machines
  • Classification of Electronic Knitwear Machines



    While electronic knitting machines are classified according to their thickness, it is expressed as the number of needles corresponding to 1 inch length. How many needles in 1 inch length are the number of the machine. Intermediate numbers and number differences can be seen in the market according to the manufacturers.

    Knitting machine numbers:

    number 3

    5 number

    6 number

    7 number

    8 number

    10 number

    12 number

    14 number

    16 number

    18 number


    Knitting machines can be classified according to the number of systems. System: The steel device (lock) that adjusts the selection, movement and tissue density of the needles on the front and back plates carried by the saddle is called the system. Steel mechanism can be more than one. Single system for machines that can knit at most one knitting row in one go of the saddle; Machines that can knit at most two rows are called double system machines. Today, there are machines with the number of systems from one to six. These are carried by one or two saddles. These saddles can be combined or work separately. The knitting systems of flat knitting machines can also work together. When operated in combination, the number of systems doubles. When the heads are combined, the machine can weave fabric across the full width. When the head is combined in the machines, the side steels in the joints should be replaced. 

    Classification of knitting machines according to their systems:

    single head

    1 systems

    2 systems

    3 systems

    4 systems

    two heads

    1+1=2 systems

    2+2=4 systems

    3+3=6 systems


    It is called as needle beds on which the needles work in order to be able to knit in knitting machines. We have needle plates. Knitting machines have at least two needle plates. These are the front plate and the back plate. It is available in specially produced four-plate machines.

    >>>> Double plate

    >>>> Four plates


    Knitting machines are classified as follows according to the types of products they produce, their drafting systems and the number of saddles.

    A-By Product: Knitting machines are classified as follows according to the types of products they produce:

    >>>> Plain knitting

    >>>> Collar, tape

    >>>> Transfer braids

    >>>> Intersia braids

    >>>> Complete product

    >>>> Self-cut braids (Fully-Fasion) 

    According to B-Shooting System:

    Knitting machines have the following drafting systems:

    >>>> Comb reinforced roller

    >>>> Roller

    >>>> With auxiliary roller

    According to C-Saddle Number:

    Knitting machines work as single saddle and double saddle. However, all of the machines that are called compact machines today have a single saddle. These machines can produce more serially and faster. Old type machines work as double saddles. However, these machines can work as a single saddle by combining two heads.





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Classification of Electronic Knitwear Machines