Blowroom machine
  • Blowroom machine
    The blow room consists of machines connected to each other. The system starts with the opening of the ginned pressed bales.After the cotton bales are taken into the flat in accordance with the prepared blend recipe, In order for these cottons in the form of bales to work comfortably under operating conditions, they should be kept for 20-24 hours in air-conditioning conditions at 50 – 65 ºC and 24-48% humidity..While the blending recipe is being prepared, it is aimed to mix the batches of cotton from the same region within a certain ratio and finish at the same time. Thus, the fiber properties of that batch from the first meter to the last meter of the yarn are ensured to remain the same everywhere.
    In our country, which has an important place among cotton growing countries, cotton harvesting is done by hand and the Roller Gin method is generally used during the ginning process. It is the common wish of all operators that the cotton to be worked in the spinning mill is cleaned of foreign materials.
    1-Opening the fiber lumps
    2-Removing foreign materials such as trash and cotton buds from cotton.
    3- Homogenization and mixing of raw material masses
    4-It ensures the removal of dust.
    While the blowroom is performing these tasks, it should be kept in mind that the fibers should be damaged to a minimum and that the cleaning will take place at high operating speeds. The parameters affecting the degree of cleaning in the blowroom can be listed as follows;
    1-The effect of the raw material:
    a-The amount of foreign matter in the raw material
    b- The resistance of the raw material to the cleaning process
    2-The effect of the machine:
    a-Cleaning efficiency of the machine.
    b- The amount of raw material that the machine will clean per hour, that is, its capacity.
    3-The effect of the business :
    a-Steps of opening the raw material, namely the fiber, during the cleaning process
    4-The effect of air conditioner:
    a- The humidity of the fiber during the operation in the blowroom.
    The cotton working in the spinning mill exhibits different images today compared to the past. Especially as the demand for clean cotton increases and very clean cotton is given a premium in the quality ranking, foreign materials in the cotton have decreased significantly as a result of the increase in the number of the saw-tooth cleaning systems (cleaner) passages used in the ginning facilities. .
    However, in the meantime, during the collection of cotton from the field by machines, the breaking, crushing, crumbling and mixing of foreign materials in the cotton made the sorting process difficult.
    Two principles are used in particular during the opening of the fiber pellets and the cleaning of the foreign materials inside.
    Among these, it is aimed to open large fiber pellets and to clean large and heavy foreign materials in machines that operate according to the principle of hitting the free cotton mass.
    If the machines operating according to the fiber-grabbing principle are placed as the first opening and cleaning stage, it brings the risk of damage to the fibers to a great extent.
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    In cleaners working according to this principle, cotton balls are hit freely by striking arms or pins. As a result of the alternating effects of acceleration and inertia forces, fiber balls begin to open. The cleaning of foreign materials is carried out both by their being heavier than the fiber and by the shearing force on the grids.
    The factors that will affect the following developments in the blow room system can be listed as follows;
    1-Increasing the opening and cleaning efficiency should not be achieved by increasing the strikers, but by the efficient operation of the striking organs.
    2-Blow room system should be shortened.
    3- Fibers should not be damaged during operation.
    4-Operational safety should be increased by means of separation of metals and fire alarm systems.
    5-Machine settlement area and energy need should be minimized.
    6-Dust and dirt should be sucked.
    7-The air should be cleaned and put into operation again.
    8-Setting changes on the machines should be easy.
    9- It should be able to easily adapt to various types of raw materials.
    10- The personnel working in the blow room should receive continuous training periodically and as needed.
    1- Mixing different types and qualities of fibers
    2-Mixing different types of raw materials
    3-To open large fiber masses in thin tufts.
    4-To clean the foreign materials in the fiber.
    1- To open the wool fiber as much as possible, to separate it from each other and to add volume.
    2-To clean the foreign materials in the opened fiber.
    3- To ensure that the fibers are mixed homogeneously.
    4- Lubricating the fiber at the exit from the machine
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Blowroom Machine