• Determination of Number in Yarns
    Just as every garment has a size according to the human body (such as small, medium, large) or (X, M, L, XL), just as the shoes, slippers, etc. we wear on our feet have a number according to whether our feet are small or large;
    We determine by number whether the card band, draw frame band, roving band and yarn are thin or thick. Here we call this number Card band number, Drawer band number, Roving strip number and yarn number.
    It should not be forgotten that it is a reality that is desired that the yarn be of the desired number and quality. For this reason, the stage of yarn production;
    During the production in the carding machine, the carding band,
    While producing on the draw frame machine, the draw frame band,
    In the roving frame, the roving sliver,
    While the ring spinning machine is running, the yarn
    And when the rotor spinning machine is running,
    It is obligatory to check the numbers at periodic intervals by the laboratories working in the yarn laboratory in the yarn mill. If it is not at the desired number, the relevant machine is stopped and production continues after the adjustments are made. These checks are done continuously.
    Apart from this, when the fabric is analyzed, the type of warp and weft yarn, whether it is single-ply or double-ply, twist direction and number, as well as its number should be determined. There are thread numbers.
    In addition, we use the same method when we want to learn the number of yarn in any bobbin.
    Number Testing
    In order to find the number, we need to know the length and weight of the material (fiber, filament, tape, roving, yarn and plied yarn). Precision scales and spinning wheels are used for this process. Weight; With the help of a precision balance (1/1000 precision), length; It is fixed with the help of tape, roving and yarn reels.
    A sufficient number of tests (eg, one 10-meter or 100-yard skein from 120 bobbins is weighed) and the average number is found.Instead of precision scales, electronic and mechanical number scales that give the number directly are also used. (ISO 2060, DIN 58 830 references are used to determine the yarn number.
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Determination of Number in Yarns