Jacquard Crushing Positions
  • Jacquard Crushing Positions


    (Shima Seiki)


    pair of needles


    The two opposite needles on the machine needle plates are called.


    Jacquard Kimma 



    The meaning of jacquard breaking on the machine is that the needle plate moves to the right or left as the distance between the two needles. If this is a half jacquard breaking movement, the needle plate moves to the right and left by half the distance between these two needles.

    Jacquard positions are named according to the positions that the needle beds of the machine take against each other. In most of the convectional machines, the right and left movement of the needle beds of the machine, which we call jacquard crushing, takes place on the back plate. In some machines, this movement can be provided both on the back plate and on the front plate.


    There are two types of jacquard on Shima Seiki flat knitting machines:


    1-L 0.0 Jacquard position



    This jacquard position is what we call the 0 position of the machine. In this case, the opposing needles are positioned so that they can pass between each other. That is, the needle on the opposite plate is in the middle of the distance between the two needles on one plate.


    2-L 0.5 Jacquard position



    In this jacquard position, the needle plate of the machine is 0 (half) jacquard from position 0.5 on the left side. In this position, the opposite needle pairs come face to face. They are in a position to work with each other. In this jacquard position, transfers and additional plate knitting are performed.

    Jacquard positions are not limited to these. The limit of the jacquard breaking movement formed by the left and right movement of the back plate is related to the GAUGE of the machine. The lateral movements (Jacquard breaking) on ​​the back plate are as much as the machine number (gauge). That is, a 7 g machine can break 7 jacquards to the right and 7 to the left at most. .




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Jacquard Crushing Positions