Jacquard Pile Braids
  • Jacquard Pile Braids



    According to the jacquard shedding system used in large pattern weaving, the jacquard capacity should also be taken into account for the patterning to be used in terry knitting. Since there are so many different movements in jacquard towel patterning, the connection movements of each yarn of the towel are different.

    In jacquard terry knitting, the pattern size is patterned differently and differently considering the jacquard capacity.

    Patterning is done by considering the fashion of the day, the area of ​​use and the machine to be woven.

    In the selection of motifs and colors in the patterns, the sale of the product should also be considered. For example, a foot picture can be written on a foot towel, and the name of that company can be written on a towel to be made for a company.






    It is necessary to determine which colors will be seen on the surface of the towel fabric and to color the pattern according to that color. It should be colored by taking into account which colors occur in the warp direction at the bottom of the color seen on the surface.

    Generally, two colors are used in the warp direction. A third color cannot be used in the warp direction unless there is a special system. The colors used can be pile colors.






    In jacquard terry cloth knitting, three and four weft groups are used as in flat terry cloths.

    In four weft groups;

    ground weave





    In three weft groups;

    ground weave






    knits are used. For each pile, an area with four warps and three wefts in three weft groups and four warps and four weft rows in four weft groups is used.









    For knitting the pattern of jacquard terry cloth, which color is on the pile surface, it is marked as full-empty-full for three wefts and as full-empty-2full for four wefts. As the pile goes down, the pile weave is marked as empty-full-empty for three wefts, and as empty-full-2empty for four wefts. This type of knitted terry cloth can be called a changing face towel. First, the ground weave;





    drawn to the ground warp over the whole weave.





    According to the motif, whichever pile is on the surface, the pile weave is marked (filled) as air-filled-empty-full. Which pile warp is below, the pile warp in each unit is filled as empty-full-empty. If the place to be drawn according to the knitting motif is painted with light colors, the knitting drawing becomes easier.

    The light green and light pink areas in the knitting are empty.

    The ground weave is red,

    first pile green

    the second pile is drawn in burgundy color.





    Drawing a weave of a motif of a jacquard terry weave

    1-The jacquard pattern to be used in the towel is determined and drawn. ( Care is taken to choose the motif according to its usage area. )






    2- The jacquard pattern to be used in the towel is colored. (Exact folds are indicated in the pattern drawing.)






    3- It is determined which colors will be seen on the surface of the fabric in the jacquard pile pattern. (The area covered by the motif on the fabric is taken into account when squaring the prepared motif.)





    4- Pile weft groups to be used in the jacquard pattern are determined. (When drawing the ground weave, attention is paid to my knee.)





    5- Pile jacquard pattern is knitted.







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Jacquard Pile Braids