Broken Twill Weave
  • Broken Twill Weave



    The main feature of these weaves is that they have intersecting twill ways. As their names suggest, these paths converge in the fabric in a broken line pattern on the basis of warp or weft.






    Broken twills are mostly used in women's fabrics where fancy looks are sought. All twill weaves can be taken as a basis to create a broken twill weave. However, care should be taken not to choose the ones with multiple hops, as the connection points will become longer in case of breaks. By applying drawing-in in the desired creasing order to the selected twill weave, breaks in the warp direction are provided. By applying the same method in the weft direction, weft broken twill weaves are created.






    Although the broken twill weave shows a break in accordance with the creasing order in the warp direction above, it turns into a (flat) drawing-in pattern in the weft direction in the broken twill weave.

    By applying the broken twill anvil both transversely and longitudinally, we obtain the transverse and longitudinal broken twill weave.








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Broken Twill Weave