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    Obtained from cashmere goat (Tibetan goat) .Cashmere shawls are made from wool from goats raised in the Kashmir Mountain valleys of northern India. The Cashmere goat is slightly smaller than the Angora goat. The goat has a flat, thick and long hair cover, and a thin lower hair cover underneath. Fine hairs are collected from the body of the goat by combing. Its color is naturally white, gray and purple or a mixture of them.

    The structure of cashmere fiber is very similar to merino wool.. The scaly surface is composed of cortex and medula layers. Color of cashmere wool; It can be white, yellow, beige, gray, brown and black. Only 200 – 250 grams of wool can be obtained from an animal. After cleaning from oil, dirt and plant residues, 100 – 150 grams of wool remains.

    In this regard, it is a very expensive fiber. When the cashmere wool is examined longitudinally under the microscope, the cover cells are not less prominent and upturned, as in the wool fiber. The scales are broad and thin. This feature makes the mohair shine brighter than wool. Its transverse view is almost round, in the form of circles. Since the flake layer is very thin, it is sensitive to bases. It has a high ability to absorb liquids. Feather fineness is 14 microns. Cashmere goats range in color from white to gray, brown to black. It finds 2 types of feather structure in cashmere goats. Upper feathers average between 10-30 cm. The lower feathers are 4-6 cm. Cashmere goats are bred for this lower hair. Cashmere goats have drooping ears. Its horns are curved. Although they generally have a calm nature, they fight for leadership. They love to climb and jump. 


    From the coarse fibers above; blankets, rope, sacks, rugs and ropes are made. As for the fine fibers in the substrate; It is used in the production of women's and men's fabrics, sports jackets, coats, silk cashmere velvets. It is used in making shawls, scarves and belts in local clothes.


    The moisture absorption rate of cashmere fabric is very high. Cashmere has the lightest natural fluff feature. Fabrics made from cashmere wool keep 6 times warmer than other wools. In order to give the cashmere fabric a more durable and soft feel, 25% silk is added to the cashmere yarn.


    Features found in real cashmere fabric;


    1-The product obtained from cashmere fabric immediately regains its original form after stretching and leaving it.


    2-Pure cashmere does not cause stinging and itching on the body.


    3- When pure cashmere is used, it definitely causes hairiness.




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Cashmere Fiber