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    Plain Velvet (Face to Face):

    The surface is smooth pile, no roving, no pattern, usually monochromatic velvet. 


    It is usually obtained as a solid color. There were roving paths formed by pile yarns on the fabric surface. The types are:
    - Manchester velvet, 
    - Fine corduroy, baby cord, micro cord
    - Thick corduroy velvet,
    - Milray.

    Fustian Cord Velvet:

    It is a heavy type cotton velvet fabric with weft pile.

    Dobby Patterned Velvet:

    It has multiple colors and small patterns. Another name is simple patterned velvet.

    Jacquard Velvet:

    They are velvets with a large number of colors and large patterns.

    Spigelli Velvet:

    It is a type of jacquard velvet, usually made with the double-layered velvet technique.

    Genoa Velvet:

    Spigelli is similar to velvet. The difference is that a greater number of different colored weft threads are used.

    Printed Velvet:

    It is obtained by various prints on plain velvet. These prints are given in the embossing calender under heat and pressure.

     Epengle Velvet:

    They are velvets produced by throwing special knife skewers between the pile warps that oscillate loosely while weaving the ground fabric.


    It is the type of fabric in which the velvet surface is obtained by cutting the weft pile threads on the fabric surface after weaving.

    Pan Velvet:

    It is a very bright velvet type in which the surface piles are brushed and deposited in one direction.


    It is an extremely dense cut pile upholstery velvet.

    Silk Velvet:

    It is a very dense velvet woven with continuous filament yarns.

    Twill Velvet:

    It is velvet with a high weft density and therefore a durable structure.

    Transparent Velvet:

    It is a type of velvet with a transparent structure, woven with synthetic threads, and usually patterned with printing.

    Utreht Velvet:

    The cotton floor is an upholstery velvet where the mohair piles are bonded in a W-shape.

    Crumpled Velvet:

    They are velvets with long pile warp piles, which have been brushed irregularly and have an effect.

    Velvet Carpet:

    It is a type of velvet woven with epengle technique with printed pile warp and colored pile warp.


    It is an upholstery velvet with looped pile that creates fluffy patterns in places.

    Velvet Bands:

    They are narrow woven-like strip velvets woven as double velvet on velvet looms.

    Artificial Velvet, Divetin:

    They are velvet-like fabrics that do not have any pile yarn and are piled in finishing processes.



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Velvet Fabrics