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    Handicrafts have emerged depending on the natural conditions since the existence of human beings. He gave the first examples to meet the needs of people, to cover and protect them. The handicrafts, which developed and changed according to the environmental conditions, became reflective of the feelings, artistic tastes and cultural characteristics of the society in which they emerged.traditional" gained qualification.

    Weaving is a handicraft that has been practiced in Anatolia for a long time, has been and continues to be a source of livelihood in most regions.

    With this aspect, weaving is not only a profession that arises from the necessity of adapting to the natural environment, but also has become an art of delicacy, with examples of fashion and space arrangement within the cultural life environment. For this reason, traditional art examples of countries reflect their natural environment and cultural life habits.





    Keşan cloth weaving is generally woven in the form of arranging 6 mihrabs on the left and right sides and creating a motif according to the color feature of the warp threads inside. In Keşan weavings, the warp density is adjusted according to the reed used. In general, 12 threads pass through a 24 cm comb. Weft density can be 12-16 pieces. The width of the weaving is 45-50- 90-100- 110 cm, and its length is 170- 200 (classical Keşan) cm. Keşan's size can vary according to demand. There are weavings up to 1350 meters in length. In old weavings, the warp length did not exceed 500-600 meters. Because the possibilities are limited since it is made by hand and in the home environment, this weaving was generally used as a headscarf in the Black Sea region.

    In order for a woven fabric to form, three basic movements must be made. These; It is the opening of the mouthpiece for throwing the weft, throwing the weft from the opened mouthpiece, squeezing the weft into the fabric formation line by tamping with the help of a shank and a comb. With these three basic movements, the warp should be released and the woven fabric should be wrapped.

    Plain: It is a simple weaving, which is formed by the weft yarn passing under and over the warp yarns and the other weft making a reverse movement. The connection of warp and weft threads in plain weave is similar to basket or wicker weave. Kweaving cloth is also cloth weaving.

    In Keşan cloth weaving, the warps are hung on the hand loom and the threads are separated and counted. In accordance with the report, the midara (power) is passed respectively. After the yarns pass through the midar as separated, they are combed in pairs. It is activated with the help of two midar feet.

    The comb is placed on the tambourine. After the loom is adjusted, weaving is done with the movement of the shuttle on the slider. A person who weaves Keşan weaves between 8-20 meters with 25 hours of work daily.






    In Keşan handlooms, there are shuttle shooters called taka, which go left and right on both sides of the tambourine. The ropes attached to the ends of these strikers are combined in the middle of the tambourine. A piece of wood called a hand tree (handle) is tied to the ends of these two ropes.

    The small shuttle used for this operation is adjusted so that the bobbin can be inserted into it. The thread end is pulled out of the porcelain on the edge of the shuttle, called a bead or eye, and entangled in one of the warp threads on the edge. The weaver stands in the middle of the loom. He holds the tambourine with one hand and the hand tree (handle) with the other. It forms a mouthpiece by pressing the feet. If the shuttle is in the right slot, the rope attached to the hand tree (handle) of this slot is quickly pulled to the left and the shuttle is thrown towards the left slot. The drum is quickly pulled towards the fabric and the weft is compressed. A new mouthpiece is created by pressing the feet again. This time, weft insertion is carried out by pulling the hand tree to the right and throwing the shuttle to the right.



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Keşan Cloth Fabric Woven