• Crepe Knit

    When you say crepe knitting, a mixed weave derived from the main weaves comes to mind. The surfaces of crepe knit fabrics obtained by very wide development methods have a rough and fluffy structure. This complex structure in crepe knits makes the fabric soft handle and more draped. For this reason, it is generally preferred in the production of women's clothing fabrics.


    Two different methods are used to create the crepe structure with this feature:


    1-Weaving a simple knitted fabric with high twist yarns

    2-Weaving crepe knitted fabric with yarns with normal twist

    Crepe weaves consist of irregular warp movements, so it is difficult to detect the weave. There are no long jumps in the warp and weft threads, and the connection points show a balanced distribution. Although crepe weaves have complex structures consisting of irregular warp movements, they are obtained by applying certain methods.


    These Ones;

    1-Crepe weave obtained by adding or decreasing the connection point

    2-Crepe knitting obtained by turning motifs

    3-Crepe knitting obtained by selected knitting and mixed drawing-in method

    4-Crepe knitting obtained by adding motifs to the connection points

    5-Crepe knitting obtained by changing the movements of the knitting


    Crepe weave achieved by adding an anchor point









    Crepe weave obtained by reducing the connection point









    Crepe knitting obtained by turning the motif to the left







    Crepe knitting obtained by turning the motif to the right







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Crepe Knit