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    The most important advantage of knitted fabrics is the ease of use and the fact that their appearance does not deteriorate after use. The loop structures that make up knitted fabrics play an important role in the stretching and rebound strength of the fabric. However, the imbalance in these loop structures leads to a knitted fabric defect called may rotation.


    May rotation knitted sandşIt is one of the most important factors affecting the appearance quality of Knitting the fabric in the form of a tube on a circular knitting machine turn of the machineş to the directionğsay asğa or left eğcauses itching. As a result, the angle between the rods and may changes, while theoretically the may and rod should be perpendicular to each other. As a result of measuring this angle, the amount of rotation in the knitting is calculated. The popularity of knitted fabrics is that they take the shape of the body, soft handle, bulky structure and high stretching ability under low tension. The most important factor affecting this structure of the weave is the structure of the yarn. 


    Usually in knittingşlow-twist yarns are used; because high twist yarn While it causes a stiffness in the handle of the fabric, it also causes the spinning problem due to the torque that cannot be eliminated from the yarn. İknitting rotation caused by yarnşIt was not possible to fix the problem after it was finishedğit was possible fromğa lot of duşlow twist or twist eğIt is necessary to use yarn with less knowledge. 


    Factors affecting the May return 


    1-Number of machine feeds (number of systems)


    2-machine thinği


    3- İthread thinği


    4- Weight ağgoodğı


    5-İyarn twist


    6- machine turnş speed and direction


    7-İyarn twist direction


    8-Raw material type


    9-İyarn eğdrawing method


    10İfoldğto be flicked


    Various studies have been done in the literature to prevent May's return and some conclusions have been reached. These studies include reducing yarn twist, using double-ply yarn, changing the raw material, fixing the yarn, using twisted yarn against the machine rotation direction, changing the yarn spinning method, reducing the yarn fineness, adding elastomer, using dyed yarn, increasing the weight, changing the knitting pattern. row S can be summarized as using a row of Z twisted yarns. Apart from these, the causes of seam slippage due to may rotation have been tried to be investigated in order to prevent quality problems in the final product after ready-made garments.


    Knitted fabricşIn order to increase the dimensional balance after ready-to-wear in theşsanforizing işis applied. It has been observed that increasing the weight of the fabrics knitted from rotor yarn in which this process is applied reduces the may turn.


    The structure of the rotor yarn differs from the ring yarn in terms of the twist delivery method and the twist feature of the final product. While the basis of ring spinning is based on the principle of opening, cleaning, combing, pulling the fibers to the desired number and wrapping them by twisting; It is based on the principle that the fiber, which is taken as a strip in rotor spinning, is delivered to the rapidly rotating rotor after it is opened and it receives twist in the meantime. While producing rotor yarn, the fibers must be spread in parallel and this fiber bundle must be thoroughly combed. Following this process, the ends of the fibers are introduced into the cavity of the rotor and yarn formation begins. With each rotation of the rotor, new fibers attach to the previously formed fiber bundle. As a result, a less twisted fiber bundle wraps around the outside of the inner twisted fiber, called core twist. So rotor spinnerğring-spinnedğIt was sincere as the opposite ofşand toğru has a twist.



    Therefore, the twist outside the rotor yarn is less than the twist inside. This may mean that the yarn does not create as serious torque as ring yarn against the force generated during circular knitting. Thus, the knitted sand obtained from the rotor yarnşIt is not possible to talk about twist-induced may rotation in. Rotor with ropeğmade with iş a bushşfabric knitted with rotor yarnsşmay turn in theşwas considerably less thanğu foundşdoor Twisting in the yarn, which is the most important cause of May rotation, eğSince the yarn is less in rotor yarns than in ring yarns, rotor sandşare advantageous in this respect.


    knitısı loop insideıra and sticksının are perpendicular to each otherı must. However, uneven knitting, which is also called may turn,ıhomeıknitting seen in This situation may be impaired due to rotation. Rectangle şa knitted fabricş matesı after returningıbecomes a parallelogram. 


    Knitting rotation from yarn, knitting machine, Dyeing And Dressing BusinessBusinesses and Apparel BusinessRotations That Can Occur in the World There are 4 reasons includingır. 


    İKnitting Rotation from Yarn 


    İfoldğin bending eğinto your scienceğlı knit rotation increases. with a drawstringğin bending eğto determine his knowledge; a certain length of thread is held at both ends. These two ends come close to each otherştırıldLIGHTbe at the bottomşa thread ringının look at self-folding stateılır. Do not fold on yourself count lapsısı if it is high and the folding is too hızlı great şdo soşcordedğin bending eğknowledge is high and the fabric knitted from this yarnşThe risk of returning is high. turn eğscience, ropeğe number of twists givenısıdepending on the applied fixation condition and fiber resistance.ğlıdır.İknitting rotation caused by yarn, knitting işfix the problem after it's over it's possible thoughğyear.


    Therefore, I knitşbefore knitting or knittingırasıbuy atıpossible baseı measures şso sıcan be found. 


    Make a balanced knit like 1-1x1 rib, interlockıhomeı to use. ( However, it is always possibleğyear. )


    2. It was possibleğa lot of sıknit ( This method isş weightını increasedırıp, its physical propertiesğişhung upğnot always applicable. bending eğusing yarn with little knowledge. İfoldğin bending eğscience, knittingşreduce by steam-twist fixation before splicingıit can. However, this method harden your attitudeşa distinctive featureği gotır. )


    3. Using double-ply yarn instead of single-ply.


    For this purpose, two fine yarns with high twist count less twist in the opposite twist direction.ısıbear inır. Exampleğin numberı Ne 30/1 and twist coefficientısı Two cotton threads 100 in the Z directionğ50 twist coefficient in the ini S directionısı folded withLIGHTmızda new ropeğin numberı what would be 15ır. Threaded with this methodğsplit the twistı yarıeither duşit's doneğanyway numberı has doubledır. dueısıstay withıuse in the manufacture of clothesıIt is a very expensive method for the production of thin garments.ı is a method. 


    Because ;


    a) very fine numbersı A single yarn is required.


    b) extra folding costı is in question.


    c) use fine fiber for fine yarnımı which is additional expenseır.


    4. One sıra S, a sıUsing ra Z twist yarn. ( Thus, the S-twist yarn knit to the left and the Z-twist yarn to the right.ğaeğplay the oatmealbusinessto thatfied There is no turning in the knitting. However, the mesh surface has a zig zag look.ır. It was a cheap method.ğso differentı supply, storage of yarns in twist directionsı and place in the machineşsqueaking aşloveıbase onı planning and organizational challengesı is concerned.)


    5. The rotation of the machineş to the direction zıUsing yarn with t-direction twist.


    Circular knitting machines can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.ğwhat to sleepfied loop rods if rotating clockwiseı left, right if turning counterclockwiseğand toğru eğil. İloop rodsının ba to the yarn twist directionğlı multiply asılm ağUse Z twisted yarn for clockwise rotating machines and S twisted yarn for counterclockwise rotating machines.ıreduce knitting rotationıIt can be used. 


    Knitting Rotation from Knitting Machine 


    It is a type of rotation seen in multi-system circular knitting machines. For example, in a knitting machine with 84 system, 1st system 1st sıRayı burn right awayıa system in 85. pıRayı knits and tubular sandş aşafiedor pulled upside down. originalıIn this case (market sans shift)ı named asırıman)sıgratingıneğAlthough it is in question, sıbetween rails and barsıupright inı brokenğFor u, this error is also called rotationğcan be accommodated.




    1) Using less system machines, 


    2) Not to knit too sparsely, 


    3) sandş shoot and wrapımının sandş thin eşbe itını sağlick, 


    4) Knittingşpost-treatmentşopen your transactionsıdo as k's and turnedğusing systems to eliminate 


    Dyeing And Dressing BusinessRotations That May Occur 


    raw knitted fabricşturning, dyeing and finishing that already exists inşloveıreduce inıpossible or, on the contrary, veryğaltıit can. In painting, sand n centrifuge or balloon sıkma or moreşs with methodsıkılması genius sand n ofğişIt is one of the elements that can cause the rotation of the first amount.ır. this işthe next orş open işcareful and carefulı yapılması, sandşhas occurred so farş can reduce rotation, do on the contraryılol oneş open işlemi, the amount of rotationını increasedıit can happen. Decrease rotationıi don'tbusiness one orş kumaş dried upğflour in the sandş, one more phase in retrospectş and reduceıThe rotation, which may be possible, has reached a more difficult retractable stage.ş It is possible. sandş; if it is to be ironed as a tube,ş was in the openingğLike u, iron carefully and carefully.ı yapılması, sandşhas occurred so farş can reduce rotation, do on the contraryıi have an ironşlemi, the amount of rotationını increasedıit can happen. fabric, openıwill be finished as k and for this purpose, knittingıedge trace bırakılmbusiness if i cut from this marginşdo the trickılıp da stenter drying and/or finishingşdo the trickıIf it will be, each sandş your first ballşlongıcının ramıattachment to n chainsı that reduce or increase the rotationğone of the lower elementsır. sand n ramıinitial attachment to n chainsıin the sandş eğif fastened to the sand n continueı from eğram as riır. Generally, raw sandşta edging bırakıldLIGHTin and open goodsıfinished as kğin the sandşthere will be no turningfied Although it is foreseen, dyeing and finishingşall phases ofıwith sufficient care and careşmake a lemmeıIf not, this predictionş may not be valid. Dyeing and finishingşin the sand afterşIf an undesirable amount of rotation is seen in the sand, n again ıslatıReduce rotation by seasoningıplay to lamaheatIt can be used. 


    confection BusinessRotations That Can Occur in the World 


    Dimensions of the garmentı the larger it is, the more visible the rotation becomes. amount of rotationı calculated as a percentage per unit measureğin, doğaldır is the product widthşlediğin, per percentğlı amount of returnı more r. This is why mirrorı kumaşmake a dawnılmbusiness eteği geneş in a t-shirt, skirtği more spin than a tight t-shirtı to see, overnightğget downğamount of rotation inı, the skirt of a t-shirtğamount of rotation inıwould be more thanır. Therefore, while rotation is measured and with a certain standard, profit laştıthe purposeıWith this, the "%" on a t-shirt or nightgown şThere are so many rotations", or "şInstead of saying "that's how many cm of rotation there are", e.g.ğin, "in one meter şThat's how many cm of rotation, or % per meter şit's better to say "there are so many turns"ğru analysis opportunityı It brings.


    Those whose rotation already exists or whose rotation does notşI cannot be kept to a minimum for various reasonsbusiness a knitted fabric n place markersşmake the squeakıldLIGHTin the pastry placeşsqueaking do it carefully and deliberatelyılması, overturned fabricşin the garment alıIt could be a viable precaution. Rather place a markerşIf it spins, it turns more there is a result that can reveal moreğit can grow. The front of the garment product and rear partsının cut, sand parts of n rotationın always the sameı to the direction olacak şplant itılması increase the rotation of the productıon the contrary, if it is a segment, opposite directions of rotationırı impressşable to reduce rotation even a bit with the cursor and from time to timeşcan be one of the methods


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