Mechanical Sock Knitting Machines
  • Mechanical sock knitting machines


    Technology has entered into a rapid development after the invention of machines. These inventions have led to the development of socks knitting machines, which are knitting fields, as in every field. The development of the clothing industry and fashion has also been effective in the field of socks. Sock collections are prepared and applied for every age group, with a comfortable use feature suitable for every clothing area, and a wide range of color and pattern options. Various socks knitting machines are used while producing these collections. Mechanical sock knitting machines are one of these machines.


    Socks Knitting Machines


    Single cylinder mech sock knitting machines

    plain knitting socks machines

    Jacquard (2 and 3 systems)+Plain knitting socks machines

    Double cylinder mech.sock knitting machines

    plain knitting socks machines

    mite+plain knitting socks machines

    Links-links +Flat knitting socks knitting machines

    Jacquard+ Links-links +Plain knitting socks knitting machines


    According to the number of cylinders of mechanical sock knitting machines;


    single cylinder

    double cylinder


    including two kısma ayılır.


    Single Cylinder Mechanical Sock Knitting Machines


    These machines, which consist of a single cylinder, do not have reverse and flat knitting capability, they only work in flat knitting. The flexibility and durability of the socks produced are relatively low compared to the double cylinder socks. Despite these negativities, they are accepted in the market due to their structural flexibility that can respond quickly to fashion trends. Flat knitting-jacquard position can be made in new generation machines. 


    Double Cylinder Mechanical Sock Knitting Machines


    In these machines, which consist of two rollers placed on top of each other, the top roller is reverse knitting and the bottom roller is plain knitting. Since the needles can work both in the upper and lower cylinders, the fabric structure obtained is quite flexible and durable compared to the single cylinder. It is frequently preferred in the production of classic socks, which are not affected by fashion trends, and therefore double cylinder socks knitting machines have not undergone a significant change in the knitting principle. It is more expensive and the machine structure is more complex than single cylinder machines. It is possible to produce socks that can be produced in single-cylinder sock machines with appropriate changes to be made in double-cylinder machines. In addition, flat knitting, jacquard knitting and links-links knitting can be worked on this type of machine.


     Cylinder (Sleeve)


    The main element of knitting machines is the cylinder, made of metal. It was created by going through special processes. There are channel beds suitable for needles and sinkers on the cylinder. During the knitting process, the roller channels guide the needles and sinkers for the correct and smooth operation of the sinkers and needles.


    roller bearingfied and iğwhat railı

    Mechanical sock knitting machines constructions göre cylindrical (kovan) is manufactured. cylinder, iğwhat to keep on it and iğit is full of channels suitable for neither movement. These channelsın geneşliği the thinness of the machineğcow and diameterıaccording toğişir. Circular knitting machines single plateı (one iğwhat bedı) or double plateı (snow lıklı double iğwhat bedı) do asılır. Place perpendicular to the groundşknurledş iğwhat channelı, theğwhat lairş-cıkbusiness don't moveıdo it accordingıdamnğwhat to sleepfiedna roller bearingfied It called. What are impacted teeth? When one or more teeth fails to grow in the correct position and is therefore held below the normal gum line, it is called an impaction. This can be complete, such as completely unerrupted (buried) third molars (wisdom teeth) or partial when just part of the tooth is visible in the mouth. Why are impactions important? For best function and appearance the teeth should grow in a healthy alignment. When one or more teeth is impacted, this can affect the function of that tooth but also the function and appearance of other teeth. Whether all impactions should be treated is still controversial and your dentist and oral and maxillofacial team can explain the advantages and disadvantages or treatment for you, which is usually surgical.



    Falling Numbers of Mechanical Machines




    It is the number of braids made by the cylinder at the end of one revolution.


    single drop


    It is called a single system operation of the cylinder in one revolution. The cylinder knits one row in one turn.




    double fall


    It is called double system operation of the cylinder in one revolution. The cylinder knits two rows in one turn. 

    Single Fall Knitting Formation


    There are links on the chain system. These links are right and left oriented. The bean on the right pushes the drum (Activates it). The link on the left activates the shuttle pallet. In a single fall, the link on the left is activated, enabling the single shuttle pallets to be engaged. With this movement, the shuttles are activated and the knitting process is provided.


    Double Fall Knitting Formation 


    Drum pods are prepared as double fall. When the machine is started, the drum pusher is activated with the movement it takes from the speed link in the chain system. The second drop of the link on it provides the movement of the shuttle group on the shuttle pallets (Shuttle apparatus). With this movement, the second drop shuttle works and knitting formation is achieved.

    Sleeve Diameters of Mechanical Machines Machine Diameter


    It is the outer to outer diameter distance from the needle channel on the needles to the other needle channel in knitting machines. It is called the sleeve diameter (Pus) in circular knitting and sock knitting machines. The width of the sock worked in circular knitting sock machines varies according to the diameter of the sleeve of the machine. The number of needles and the sleeve diameter are indicated on a plate located on the side of the sock knitting machine.

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Mechanical sock knitting machines