Mesh and Ristop Fabrics

Ripstop fabrics must be used in situations that require the struggle against the challenging conditions of nature. In essential gear for outdoor sports and camping, ripstop fabric provides puncture and cut resistance, as well as protection against wind, precipitation and cold.

  • Mesh and Ristop Fabrics








    Mesh fabric is a kind of pattern knitting, which means mesh. 

    It is the preferred product of recent years for chair faces. Sunbeds in hotels are preferred because they do not fade on their faces and do not wear out in contact with sea water. Since it is perforated, wetness and puddles do not occur on it.

    Bleach is not used. It is cleaned with soapy water. It cannot be washed with gas, gasoline, diesel, thinner, acetone. Hand wash only with soapy water. 

    Air Mesh Fabric 

    The web thickness can be 12mm 3mm. It has high elastic flexibility, air permeability, water absorption ability.

    It consists of three layers. Two separate needles join the bottom layer of the fabric together or fasten it with spacer threads. Because airmesh takes its name. 

    The features of the three layers are:


    • First layer – hydrophilic structure
    • Second layer – hydroscopic structure
    • Interlayer – mono or multi-filament 

    It has excellent compression flexibility, Breathability / Air permeability, cushioning and insulation.






    Cushion Mesh Fabric
    Mesh thickness can be 12mm 3mm, Elastic resilience rate 93% mesh permeability, shock absorption and good elastic flexibility.
    1.Thin air mesh can be applied to clothing, bags, hats, shoes, baby carriages, etc.
    2. Thick air mesh can be applied to mattress, automobile interior decoration, vehicle cushions, breathable shoe pads, moisture absorption and quick-dry medical mattresses, pillows, etc.
    3. If composite materials are combined with mesh, it is possible to produce such partition material, construction, soundproofing table.






    3D Air Mesh Fabric
    In general, three-dimensional knitting is limited by the size of the knitting needle; openness
    thickness and monofilament (mono yarn) size. Permeability and elastic flexibility applications are limited.

    Usage areas

    1.Thin air mesh can be applied to clothing; bags, hats; shoes, strollers; etc
    2.Thick air mesh can be applied as mattress; automobile interior decoration; cushions; breathable shoe pads; moisture absorption and quick-dry medical mattresses; etc.






    Knit fabrics can be cut in many ways, including: 

    • Leisure
    • Ultrasonic
    • Steel Rule Mold
    • Hot Mold
    • Razor blade
    • Scissors 

    Laser cutting 

    Thanks to its versatility and sealing feature, it has become the most widely used technique. Cut edges. Laser cutters can cut any shape and in doing so glue the edges together.

    Closed edges reduce the shedding of cut loops to the fabric edges and take care not to create debris during the cutting process.

    If cuts or slits occur in the machine (warp) direction of polypropylene knit fabrics, a reinforcement stitch should be placed at the end by the manufacturing process or the end user.

    Knit fabrics can relax when cut from supply rolls, meaning they can be retracted in length and expanded in width by several percent. The web is wound into rolls under tension. Although the tension is low, the fabric can be stretched. When some fabric unwinds from the roll, it may retract due to loosening. If this loosening is a problem for your final part dimensions, then it should be loosened. The fabric is pulled from the roll and allowed to relax without tension. 


    Polypropylene-based products can be sterilized using a steam autoclave, super carbon dioxide. Polypropylene should not be sterilized using irradiation (techniques such as gamma or beta irradiation as the polymer will degrade significantly) 







    Meaning of Ripstop in English indestructible means. Therefore, this fabric is also on the market. ripstop fabric known as. The biggest feature that distinguishes this fabric from others is that it is ripstop fabric. Ripstop fabric is a fabric known for its durability and waterproofness. They are both waterproof and dry very quickly when wet. With this aspect, it is a type of fabric that does not upset those who really prefer it.

    The tear-proof structure emerges with the special knitting technique used in production. In the knitting of the ripstop fabric, the threads are positioned crosswise and tightly. This technique creates tiny square patterns on the fabric. Square-shaped webbing cells prevent the hole from growing in cases such as a puncture. ripstop woven fabrics falls into the category.

    Ripstop fabrics are a fabric with the appearance of large and small squares. ripstop knitting The fabrics known as 'embroideries' are generally used as work clothes, security uniforms, extreme sports and camouflage. Military clothing is also produced from these fabrics, as they are resistant to water and tearing.

    Ripstop fabric content is generally; %one hundred Polyester, polyester /cottonnylon/cotton or 100% from cotton It can be produced in various thicknesses. These fabrics can be made more functional by optionally applying antistatic, fireproofing and waterproofing finishes. The properties of the fabric are affected by the types of yarn used in production. 

    Ripstop Fabric Properties 

    • It is known as ripstop fabric.
    • It is a thin fabric.
    • It is not a very heavy fabric.
    • Those made of 100% polyester, nylon or coated with them are windproof.
    • Those that are 100% polyester, nylon, or coated with them are not waterproof.
    • It is resistant to stains.
    • Cotton blended ones are breathable. For this reason, 100% polyester or nylon is used in cotton blended outerwear in underwear.
    • There are models with nylon coating on the front and back on the fabric. These models are of higher quality and do not stretch. 





    Main Usage Areas of Ripstop Fabric 

    Ripstop fabric is used in almost every area where durability is vital. industrial area, is one of them

    In work environments where there are mechanical risks such as cuts and punctures, body protective equipment made of ripstop fabric prevents the body from being exposed to risk factors.

    Ripstop fabrics are also used in situations that require fighting against the challenging conditions of nature. For outdoor sports and camping, the ripstop fabric provides puncture and cut resistance, as well as protection against wind, precipitation and cold.

    In addition to these, this superior fabric is also found in military clothing, medical clothing, hotels and restaurants. Ripstop fabric is used not only in clothes, but also in carrier products such as backpacks. It is a fabric that can also be preferred in the clothing industry. It is especially used in military and police clothing. For coats and parkas, 100% nylon or polyester ones are preferred. In this way, the product is resistant to both wind and water.



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Mesh and Ristop Fabrics