Professional Development Questions 14
  • Professional Development Questions 14



    p.332. What does electrical energy mean?


    C.332. Electricity arises during an energy conversion. Electrical energy is obtained by converting the heat obtained from coal, oil and nuclear reactions or the latent energy of streams into motion.


    Q.333.What does waste water installation mean?


    C.333. It is the system that ensures that the dirty and polluted water used in the buildings is treated in terms of both chemical and organic matter and given to the city sewer network so that it is not harmful to human health.


    p.334. What features should a well-made sewage system have?



    • A- Dirty water should be removed uninterruptedly, quickly, without harming health and without causing discomfort to people.
    • B- It should prevent odor, gas and insects from passing through the waste water pipes to the building.
    • C- Pipes must be gas, air and waste water tight.
    • Ç- Pipes must be durable, strong and resistant to building settlements.


    Q.335. What does sanitary installations mean, explain?


    C.335. It includes the supply, storage, heating, softening, pressurization and distribution of water required for the building, disposal of waste water, treatment of waste water, storm water discharge and fire extinguishing. The plumbing of every building must fulfill three basic functions. These functions are; Providing water for food consumption (cooking, drinking) and daily consumption (washing and cleaning), distribution for domestic use, organic wastes and detergents, etc. can be explained as the discharge of dirty water.


    Q.335. What are the basic principles of protective apparatus in machines?



    • A-Danger should be removed from work.
    • B- He should protect those around him.
    • C- It should be protected from danger.
    • C- It should increase efficiency.
    • D- It should protect the user.
    • E- It should be installed well.


    p.337. What use are the protective apparatus attached to the machines?


    C.337. Protectors used in machinery and benches to prevent parts and chips from ejecting, blasting stones, getting hands and arms caught in moving parts and to protect them from electric current constitute the machine protective apparatus.


    p.338. What are the main protective apparatus attached to the machines?



    • A- Electrical protectors
    • B- Electronic protectors
    • C Mechanical guards


    Q.339. What are some of the work clothes?



    • A- Work aprons
    • B-Raincoat
    • C-Jumpsuit
    • C-Protective clothing against chemical risks
    • D-Welder's apron
    • E-Heat and flame protective clothing


    P.340. What are some of the glasses used for eye protection?



    • A-Dust glasses
    • B-Semi-clear safety glasses
    • C-Bendable frame glasses
    • O-Acid glasses (made of glass)
    • D-Welder goggles
    • E-Shockproof glasses


    P.341. What are the conditions for a person to be considered a worker?



    • A- The worker is a natural person.
    • B- The work must be based on a service contract.
    • C- The natural person must be working in a job.
    • C- Depending on an employer, he must do his job in accordance with the employer's orders and instructions. D- The worker must put forth his labor.
    • E- Work must be seen for a fee.


    Q.342. What does apprenticeship mean?


    C.342. Apprenticeship is the teaching of a profession or art.


    Q.343. What does apprenticeship contract mean?


    C.343. An apprenticeship contract is a contract that arises from a business owner (master) undertaking to teach someone (the apprentice) a certain art and to help him develop his profession, in return for the person to owe the owner of the business, such as paying a wage or working in his business.


    P.344. What does intern mean?


    C.344. They are people who work with the employer to learn about the work done in a workplace and to improve their knowledge by watching the application.


    P.345. What is the most important feature that distinguishes the trainee and the worker?


    C.345. It is not a person who works to earn a living like a worker, but a person who takes action to improve his knowledge and experience. In the relationship between the intern and the employer, the benefit of the intern is at the forefront.


    P.346. What is the most important feature that distinguishes the trainee and the apprentice?


    C.346. An intern is not a person who learns a profession and becomes a worker, as in the apprenticeship contract, but essentially develops his existing professional knowledge in the workplace.


    P.347. What does employer mean?


    C.347. The real or legal person or the unincorporated institutions and organizations that employ workers based on an employment contract are called employers.


    p.348. What are the conditions for a natural or legal person to be considered an employer and give an example?



    • A- The employer is the person who employs the worker. Those who employ a single worker are also considered as employers, but if the number of workers in the workplace is not more than three, they are not included in the scope of the labor laws.
    • B-The employer is the person who manages the people he employs personally or through his assistants. Employees who do not comply with these rules can be disciplined.

    Example: The employer of the workers working in a factory owned by a joint stock company is that company. In addition, legal entities such as associations, foundations, unions and parties can employ workers.


    P.349. What does employer's attorney mean and give an example?


    C.349. Organizing and running the business is the employer's authority, but in large enterprises, there is a need for assistants acting on behalf of the employer in the execution and management of the business. The person who acts on behalf of the employer in the workplace and takes part in the management of the workplace and workplace employer representative The employer is directly responsible for the actions and obligations of the employer's agent towards the workers. All kinds of responsibilities and obligations stipulated in the Labor Law for the employer are also applied to the employer's representatives.

    Example: A factory manager acting on behalf of the employer, human resources manager, workshop chief, in case there is more than one workplace belonging to the same employer, those who take charge in business management such as general manager, assistant general managers are employer representatives.


    Q.350. What is a workplace and give an example?


    C.350. The place where the work is done is called “workplace”. In terms of the nature and pace of the work, places connected to the workplace, resting, breastfeeding, eating, sleeping, washing, examination and care, physical education, vocational training places, courtyards, etc. Add-ons and tools are also counted as workplaces. Example: Workshops where production takes place in a factory are workplaces. The office sections of the factory are the warehouse workplaces. The places reserved for the workers to eat, wash, rest and take care of children are also add-ons and workplaces.

    A workplace can be a static place or a moving place. Passenger ships, aircraft, vehicles related to the main workplace, construction machinery, lifeboats are counted as workplaces.

    What will be included in the scope of the workplace is very important in terms of social security. Workplace accidents, diseases, occupational accidents and occupational diseases are counted.


    P.351. What are the legal actions to be taken in occupational accidents and please explain?


    C.351. The provisions regarding the consequences of occupational accidents are covered by the SGK Law. In order for the person who has suffered an accident as a result of work accident and occupational disease not to be a victim, material damage must be compensated. In order to be able to provide financial aid, the work accident must result in temporary incapacity, permanent incapacity or death.


    S.352. in work accidents What are the main forms of payment that require financial assistance?



    • A-Medicine
    • B- Treatment expenses
    • C- Prosthesis
    • D- Pay for the time not worked
    • D- Funeral expense
    • E- Salary to spouse and children
    • F- Compensations


    Q.353.When an occupational accident occurs in an enterprise, where should it be reported?


    C.353. In a work accident that occurs in the workplace, the situation should be reported to the employer without wasting any time at the same time, while the first aid intervention is given to the injured employee, by the institution doctor, if any, or through the administrative levels. By doing this, it is ensured that the employer is contacted with SSK, as well as investigating the causes and taking preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of the accident.


    P.354. Which institution should be notified by the employer when there is a work accident in an enterprise, and in which cases it is responsible if it is not notified, please explain?


    C.354. According to the relevant article of the Labor Law No. 4857, employers are obliged to notify the relevant regional directorate (SGK) in writing, within two working days at the latest, of the work accident that occurs at the workplace and the occupational disease to be detected. The employer is responsible for not reporting the work accident to the institution in a timely manner in accordance with this article, or incomplete or inaccurate information on the accident notification form, and for any future damage to the institution.


    Q.355. What is the accident report, please explain?


    C.355. Accident reports are an important part of occupational safety. Accident reports in occupational safety; These are the printed forms prepared to conduct accident investigation and cause analysis, and to prevent recurrence of the same or similar accident and injury. These forms are also prepared for solving legal problems, measures to be taken to prevent the recurrence of accidents and to determine the degree of injury.




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Professional Development Questions

Professional Development Questions 14