Professional Development Questions 9
  • Professional Development Questions 9



    P.205. What does Granted (Acquired) status mean?


    C.205. Regardless of people's abilities and skills and without their effort, it is provided by factors other than themselves, that is, a person acquires this status by birth, gender or age (For example, old, young, female, male, etc.).


    P.206. What does earned status mean?


    C.206. It is the status that people achieve as a result of their own efforts (For example, mother, father, teacher, doctor, etc.). This status may change over time.


    P.207. What does Key (Basic) status mean?


    C.207. The most effective status in the society is called the key status. Key status determines one's personality in society (For example, President, general, teacher, etc.). This status is usually the most effective compared to the other statuses of the person.


    P.208. What does social prestige mean?


    C.208. Social prestige (reputation) in society can be an issue along with status and role. Prestige is the situation that gives an individual or a group (group) superiority in relations with other individuals or clusters. For example, being a doctor is a status; The state of being loved and sought after by the doctor is called prestige.


    P.209. What does social role mean?


    C.209. The behavior that society expects from the individual in accordance with his status is called a role. There are roles according to each status that a person carries. Each role exists and gains meaning according to the degree of its relations with other roles. Role is the dynamic aspect of status. A person can be a teacher, an athlete, and a party member. Role is the sum of the determined behaviors of the person as to what he/she can or cannot do within the limits of his/her status.


    P.210. How many social roles are divided among themselves, what are they?



    A-Basic roles: These are the roles that people have to perform according to their gender and age.

    B-General roles: It is the roles that are accepted by the society, whose boundaries change according to the levels of behavior, and whose results often affect the society or the group. Occupational roles are a kind of general roles.

    C- Independent roles: These are roles whose effects are individual and whose fulfillment is optional.


    Q.211. What does role consolidation and role conflict mean?


    C.211. Role reinforcement is the role of facilitating each other (For example, being a mother reinforces the role of being a kindergarten teacher, etc.).

    Role conflict, on the other hand, is the situation where the individual cannot decide whether to act appropriately for any of the roles appropriate to their status (For example, a manager continues to be a manager at home, an officer treats the household like a soldier, etc.).


    P.212. What is the structure of the business?


    C.212. As a social being, human beings are in constant interaction with people, institutions and businesses in the society they live in. People need each other and what they produce. In this sense, people carry out activities to provide the goods and services they need. The business searches for solutions to problems related to the production, exchange, distribution and consumption of scarce resources.


    Q.213. What does business mean?


    C.213. A business is a production unit that aims to produce goods or services by bringing together the factors of production in a planned and systematic way.


    S.214. What science is business?


    C.214. Business is the science of economics.


    p.215. What does Organization in Business mean?


    C.215. Organization is all the activities of establishing authority relations between selected businesses, persons and workplaces in order to achieve the business objectives determined in the planning. The organization is important for the employees in terms of playing an active role in achieving certain goals and giving them the opportunity to work together.


    Q.216. What are the principles of businesses?



    A- Unity of purpose

    B- Competence and continuity

    C- Division of labor and specialization

    C- Hierarchy

    D-Command unit


    F- Equivalence of authority and responsibility, principle of balance, facilitation of leadership and definition of duties


    S.217. What are the units in the organizational structure of the business?






    O-Accounting and Financing


    E-Public Relations


    P.218. What does human resources unit in business mean?


    C.218. human resources unit; In addition to its traditional duties such as hiring, firing, paying wages, employee and employer relations, it has undertaken the duties of introducing new technologies to the workplace, arranging the work in the workplace, helping employees in planning and developing their careers, contributing to the realization of business objectives and developing future managers.


    Q.219. What does management unit mean in businesses?


    C.219. Management unit; It is the unit where the planning, organizing, executive (directing) and control activities of business objectives are carried out. In other words, it is the unit where the organization's capital, workforce, machinery, equipment, building, land and information resources are coordinated in order to achieve the business objectives.


    P.220. How many steps does the management unit consist of in enterprises, what are they?


    C.220. Management unit;

    A-top management

    B- Middle management

    C- It consists of managers in the first management level.


    P.221. What does the top management level mean in businesses?


    C.221. The senior management level consists of members of the board of directors and general managers. These take long-term decisions such as the organization of the enterprise, the determination of long-term goals and objectives, the determination of business policies, investment decisions, and the selection of production technology.


    P.222. What does middle management level mean in business?


    C.222. middle management level; It consists of production manager, marketing manager, finance manager, personnel manager, human resources manager. Middle management takes decisions that speed up the processes needed to execute the decisions taken by top management, provide guidance and specialized knowledge for the productivity of the workforce. Managers at this management level are responsible for carrying out their duties on time, accurately and with the cheapest expenditure.


    P.223. What is the first management step in business?


    C.223. The first management carries out the decisions and instructions of the middle management level. For example, chief and assistant chief executives working under the accounting manager, who is a middle-level manager, decide on the details of the instructions and duties given to them and fulfill what is necessary. In the same way, the shift supervisor, the first step managers, who work under the title of foreman, perform the instructions and duties given to them and act as a bridge between the workers and the middle management.


    Q.224. What does production unit mean in enterprises?


    C.224. Production management unit; It is the unit that aims to meet the business objectives in the most appropriate way by converting inputs such as capital, material, information and energy, together with the human factor, into goods or services in the desired quantity, quality, time and place with a certain conversion process.


    p.225. What does marketing unit in business mean?


    C.225. This unit aims to carry out business activities related to the management of the flow of goods, services and ideas from producer to consumer or user. This unit takes into account the wishes and needs of the customers, because a product or service that does not meet the customer's wants and needs will be meaningless to the customer.


    P.226. What does public relations department in business mean?


    C.226. It is the unit that carries out the necessary work in order to ensure that the business is recognized, creates positive impressions in people towards its work, establishes good relations with its environment and increases its prestige. public relations unit; prepares reports, news bulletins and illustrated brochures for the institution he works for. It ensures that the works and activity areas of the institution are introduced to the public through the press, radio and television, It organizes cultural and social events such as conferences, seminars, exhibitions, press conferences, anniversary, and examines the speeches and correspondence of the managers. By following the impressions about the institution, it works to promote the institution better and to increase its prestige.


    S.227. What does accounting and finance unit mean in businesses?


    C.227. This unit consists of two sub-units, accounting and finance. The financing unit is the unit where the activities related to the provision of the funds (cash) needed by the enterprise under the most favorable conditions and the most effective use of these funds are carried out. The accounting unit, on the other hand, carries out the work and transactions related to the accounting process of the enterprise. This unit records all the documents related to accounting, prepares the declarations and ensures the full and timely payment of the taxes to be paid. It follows the stock, bank, current, valuable papers, debts and receivables of the enterprise. Prepares the company's correspondence with other institutions. It prepares the financial statements, follows the establishment-closing procedures and application procedures to the relevant institutions.


    p.228. What does workplace etiquette mean?


    C.228. Workplace etiquette means showing respect to colleagues and coworkers you work with. In addition, following the rules of etiquette will create a positive impression on other colleagues and allow working in a more positive environment.


    P.229. What are workplace etiquette?



    A- Always stand up when introduced or introduced.

    B- When you are going to introduce people, first say the name of the person who is more important in terms of status.

    C-Leave a short and professional message on your answering machine with your name, position, department and when you are available. When leaving a message on the answering machine, leave your name and surname, why you are calling, and your phone number.

    O-Obey the dress code. If there is no certain rule, take care to dress clean, neat and suitable for the work environment.

    D-Come to all meetings on time.

    Do not play with pens, paper clips or other office tools during the e-Meeting.

    F- Do not keep your phone on during the meeting unless it is absolutely necessary.

    G- Pay attention to your sitting and posture. While sitting, do not sink into the seat, lean back in your chair, or cross your arms over your chest.

    H-Listen to the other person and do not interrupt as you can.


    P.230. What does Internal Relations in Business mean?


    C.230. Internal relations refer to the relationships of people working in a workplace with each other and their employees. Employees are personnel and employers are employers and managers. Internal relationships occur between individuals, between individuals and groups, or with groups. The achievement of the targeted success of an enterprise depends on the ability of the subordinates and superiors to perform their duties in the best way in their internal relations and their positive relations with each other.


    P.231. Leadership What does it mean, explain?


    C.231. Management, which is the process of determining and achieving common goals, is to influence people around a goal and direct them to work in harmony. Leaders can achieve this with values, ethics, character, knowledge and skill. Leadership; To determine the vision, mission and main purpose of the organization and to create appropriate strategies.


    Q.232. What does authority mean in businesses, please explain?


    C.232. Authority forms the basis of management activity. Since managers work through others, it is natural to have various relationships with them and to have numerous business aspirations. Within this system, various subordinate-superior relations arise and authority is the basis of the execution of these relations. Unless there is authorization, the operation of the necessary units will be disrupted. 




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Professional Development Questions

Professional Development Questions 9