Professional Development Test Questions 4
  • Professional Development Test Questions 4



    S.231. Which of the following is not one of the main functions of management?


    A. Planning B. Dispatch and administration C. Coordination D. indoctrination


    S.232.Which of the following is not an essential feature of a good plan?


    A. The action must be clear, valid and for a definite purpose. B. Time in the plan is not important. C. The preparation and implementation of the plan should be ensured with minimal expense. D. The plan should be flexible.


    P.233. Which of the following is not a characteristic of an order in the management process?


    A. It may not be suitable for the abilities and limits of the employees. B. The order must be clear, precise and complete. C. The order must be reasonable. D. With a good communication network, healthy orders can be given.


    S.234. Which of the following is the last link in the management process?


    A. Management B. Coordination C. Audit D. Organization


    p.235. What is the process of creating goods or services to meet the needs of people called?


    A. Production management B. Need C. Production D. Management


    P.236. Which of the following processes is performed while planning the production process?


    A. Jobs are determined and route determination is made. B. Jobs are uploaded to machines C. Time schedule of jobs is loaded. D. All


    P.237. Which of the following is not a type of production?


    A. Made-to-order production B. Batch production C. Continuous production D. Stock control


    P.238. What is the name of the process that determines whether a product is produced with the features that will be required by customers, while at the same time determining whether it complies with laws and regulations?


    A. Production process B. Stock control C. Evaluation process D. Quality control


    P.239. Which of the following should businesses consider when choosing a target market?


    A. Resources of the business B. Characteristics of the product C. Market structure D. All


    P.240. Which distribution channel is used by a farmer who brings his products to the street market and sells them?


    A. Direct distribution B. Indirect distribution C. Mediated distribution D. Ideal distribution


    S.241. What pricing policy does a business that sells its product for 14,99 TL use for this product?


    A. Single price policy B. Special price policy C. Price policy with residual D. Price policy at a loss


    P.242. Which of the following is not an element of the marketing mix?


    A. Product B. Distribution C. Benefit D. Promotion


    P.243. What is the name given to the transportation, insurance, similar costs paid for the goods bought to the place of sale?


    A. Purchase price B. Cost C. Cost of goods D. Selling price


    P.244. A product with a cost of 4000 TL is sold with a profit of 25%. What is the selling price of the product?


    A. 1000 TL B. 3000 TL C. 4000 TL D. 5000 TL


    P.245. What types of resources are bank loans included in the business?


    A. Own resources B. Foreign source C. Internal source D. Real source


    P.246. How many parties are in the signed bond?


    A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5


    P.247. Which of the following is the tax paid by real persons (individuals) on all their earnings and income for one year?


    A. Withholding Tax B. Value Added Tax C. Income Tax D. Provisional Tax


    P.248. Which of the following is not a non-business resource that businesses use to recruit staff?


    A) Employment Agency B) Trade Unions C) Educational Institutions D) Employees


    P.249. Which of the following is a test applied during the job application process?


    A) Intelligence tests B) Interest, ability tests C) Personality test D) All


    S.250. “…………….training is the training applied to the newly recruited personnel before starting the job or on the first day of their employment.” Which of the following words should come in the blank in the sentence?


    A) Employment B) Job C) Trust D) Employee


    P.251. Which of the following is a performance appraisal method?


    A) Grading chart method B) Ranking method C) Control chart method D) All


    P.252. Which of the following is the oldest and most common wage payment system?


    A) Tune fee B) Percentage fee C) Lump sum fee D) time-based fee


    P.253. A factory that produces cars according to the type of goods and services produced is included in which of the following types of business?


    A) Enterprises in the industry sector B) Enterprises in the service sector C) Enterprises in the agricultural sector D) One-person enterprises


    P.254. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, sleep needs are included in which of the following?


    A) need for self-actualization B) need for esteem C) Physiological need D) Safety need


    Q.255.What is it called when all the activities of an enterprise are carried out in harmony in order to facilitate the operation and ensure success?


    A) Planning B) Coordination C) Dispatch and administration D) Supervision


    P.256. Which of the following is the definition of make-to-order production?


    A) It is the production of a product in batches in certain quantities in order to meet a special order or a continuous demand.

    B) It is the production of a product specially determined by the consumer or the customer company in terms of time, quantity and quality.

    C) It is the production made by allocating the machinery and facilities at hand to a certain product only.

    D) It is the determination and management of the amount and types of stock in the most rational and economical way according to the supply, production, sales and financial possibilities of the enterprise.


    P.257. What is the pricing policy in which certain goods are sold cheaper than usual, perhaps at a loss, in order to attract customers, to give them the impression that all goods are sold cheaply?


    A. Single price policy B. Special price policy C. Remaining price policy D. Price policy at a loss


    P.258. Which of the following is not an element of the marketing mix?


    A. Product B. Distribution C. Cost D. Promotion


    Q.259. What kind of promotional activity does a market announce that it will give a car to its customers by lottery?


    A. Personal selling B. Public relations C. Sales promotion D. Advertising


    P.260. Which of the following is the name of the declaration that the businesses give as tax responsible by deducting them from various persons such as lawyers, accountants, transporters, etc., on behalf of the state?


    A. Concise Declaration B. Value Added Tax Declaration C. Income Tax Declaration D. Provisional Tax Return


    P.261. Which of the following is known as piece rate payment system?


    A. Tune rate B. Percentage fee C. Lump sum rate D. Time rate fee


    p.262. What is the process of acquiring new behaviors or changing old behaviors as a result of an individual's experience or interaction with the environment, according to his/her maturation level?


    A) Education B) Learning C) Growth D) Behavior E) Reading


    P.263. What percentage of what they read do people remember?


    A) 5% B) 15% C) 20% D) 10% E) 30%


    p.264. Which of the following learning methods does a self-reading learner use?


    A) Visual learning B) Auditory learning C) Tactile learning D) Kinesthetic learning E) Affective learning


    p.265. Which of the following is not a learner-related factor?


    A) Past experiences B) Maturation C) Structure of the subject D) Motive E) Attention


    p.266. Which of the following is not one of the social benefits of education within the scope of social cohesion?


    A) Protecting individual health B) Democratization C) Decrease in crime rate D) Being Managed E) The individual's earning more income


    Enter the correct word to the blank in the following sentence in place.


    S.267.COLLECTIVE The information learned in the study is forgotten in a short time, for example, it cannot be remembered when the exam is postponed.


    S.268. Learning if new learnings are linked to previously learned PERMANENT It happens.


    S.269. New information (any message from outside) is noticed through the senses and SHORT TERM MEMORY transferred to memory.


    S.270. Information in short-term memory that is not repeated is forgotten. If repeated LONG-TERM MEMORY is saved for storage.


    S.271. Melodic repetition for topics that need to be memorized (date, name, formula) AUDIO-WEIGHTED LEARNERS It's the right way to study.


    P.272. What stage does the problem solving method begin with??


    A) Defining the problem B) Creating hypotheses C) Choosing the most appropriate hypothesis D) Recognizing the problem E) Reaching a general conclusion


    S.273. Which of the following is not an idea generation technique?


    A) Pareto analysis B) Six hat thinking technique C) Force / force field analysis D) Focus groups E) Interview


    P.274. Which of the following is a technique used to strengthen positive factors and eliminate or weaken negative factors by revealing the forces that support and hinder the solution of a problem?


    A) Tree diagram B) Brainstorm C) Fishbone diagram D) Force / force field analysis E) Relationship diagram


    p.275. Which of the following is a technique for mapping the why and how questions to map the work that needs to be done to achieve a specific goal?


    A) Relationship diagram B) Fishbone diagram C) Nominal group technique D) Force / force field analysis E) problem tree


    p.276. Which of the following is not true for the fishbone method?


    A) It reveals the causes of the problem. B) Sub-reasons are indicated. C) The problem is written to the far right. D) It shows the solution of the problem. E) Fishbones can be divided into lower awns.


    Enter the correct word to the blank in the following sentence in place.


    S.277. ISSUE It is an unresolved problem to be researched, thought about and discussed.


    S.278. Scoring technique used to achieve consensus among team members NOMINAL GROUP TECHNIQUE is. The ideas in the group give points and the ideas with the most points come forward.


    S.279. The problem to be investigated in the fishbone diagram technique, namely the identified problem, is the HEAD SIDE is placed.


    S.280. Purpose of 5N 1K method PROBLEM ANALYZE .Truck.


    S.281. Description of the PUKO cycle: Plan –APPLY– Check – Take Action.


    P.282. What is the name given to the publications we use to obtain information or to all of the sources that we can access information from?


    A) Internet B) The way to access information C) Information resources D) Library E) Book


    P.283. What is the process of collecting information, data scanning, classification actions, and the path followed by the person to reach the desired information?


    A) Information access B) Information sources C) School D) Information collection E) None


    P.284. What is the name of the method of obtaining data as a result of examining the structures of the elements to be researched in their natural environments?


    A) Observation B) Questionnaire C) Experiment D) Interview E) Literature review


    Q.285. What is the name of the question paper, which contains questions and possible answers, prepared in order to get the opinions of people on any subject?


    A) Experiment B) Questionnaire C) Interview D) Observation E) Variance


    Q.286.Which of the following is not one of the points to be considered while preparing the survey questions?


    A) Question type should be determined. B) The number of questions should be determined. C) The questions should be in mixed order. D) Questions should be chosen according to the purpose. E) Care should be taken to ensure that the questions are clear and unambiguous.


    Enter the correct word to the blank in the following sentence in place.


    S.287. BIGI POLLUTION It is information that cannot be determined to be true or false and is deliberately disseminated.


    S.288. When collecting information from sources EQUAL AMOUNT Care should be taken to use original sentences while taking notes.


    S.299. INTRODUCTORY RESEARCH It aims to reveal some features of interest of a particular set of information.


    S.300. Experiment, IN LABORATORIES works done.


    S.301. OBJECTIVE, ACCURATE, OBJECTIVE AND USEFUL Obtaining data is the most crucial point of any research.


    P.302. What is unedited data called?


    A) Mode B) Variable value range C) Arithmetic mean D) Stack E) Sorted array


    P.303. What is the name of all the numbers between the smallest value and the largest value that a variable can take?


    A) Variable range B) Stack C) Arithmetic mean D) Divide by multiplicity E) Sorted array





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Professional Development Test Questions 4