Errors That May Occur During Process
  • Errors That May Occur During Process

    ( Shima Seiki )



    Error-Bace color code error!!



    Remedy: There are colors or colors that have no meaning in the pattern. Go to the line number and find a different color..


    Error –YFPoint set error!!



    Remedy: Shuttle stop point error. The pattern is taken to the field and the error is scanned.



    Error-JBeconomy over error!!



    Removal:More report repetitions are used than the report repetition address in the machine. The number of report repetitions should be reduced or the parts that will be the same report address (such as 12,14) are provided from the same address.


    Error-Option code jump economy (in) error



    Remedy:There is a different numbered color in the report repetition or all the repetitions are completely 1s throughout or 11,12…. Not mixed with the series.


    Error-YYarn changeset error !!



    Remedy: F Shuttle group is given with a number above 99. The number up to 99 must be selected.

    Error-S/W change error!!



    Removal:The shuttle group and the system are not compatible or different systems (single system, two systems, four systems….) are given the same shuttle group.


    Error-Knit Cansel set error



    Removal:R5 has different code. The line number is checked.


    Error-All stitch set error.



    Remedy: f Setting address in R6 is written with wrong code. It should not exceed the number of machine setting addresses.


    Error-Racking ( L/R ) set error !!



    Remedy: Wrong code used to L4.


    Error-Racking ( 0,1/4,1/2 ) p set error!!



    Removal: Wrong code used to L3.


    Hata-Links or transfers in N.line 1 couse knit error!!



    Remedy: For two system machines, the transfer coincides with the first system in two systems knitting. or drawn with system 6 or 7 in coded jacquard.


    Error-Cross pair error!!



    Removal:The jacquard code, which has no equivalent, is used in the pattern. Such as using 4455 or 44 instead of 55 sheet code, 5510 or 55 etc. instead of 10 execution code.


    Error-Rib data file not found



    Remedy: The tire drawing in the second row of the pattern is incorrect


    Error-Racking ( 0-7) p set error!!



    Remedy:Wrong code used to L2.


    Error-Yarn address over error!!



    Remedy: The shuttle group has been used more than the machine memory.


    Error-Needle over error!!



    Remedy: Pattern width is greater than the number of machine needles.


    Error-Right side end error!!



    GCompression: It's over when the head goes to the right. Right-hand error. The pattern drawing should be checked so that it ends on the left.






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Errors That May Occur During Process