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  • Ring Spinning Machine

    The last step in cotton and wool spinning is to refine the rovings coming from the roving machine by drawing, to obtain a thread with a suitable number and strength for the place where it will be used, and to use this thread. was winding on bobbinsr. this işlem, bracelet eğin ring spinning machines, also called spinning actualizeşi.






    Cotton and wool spinningğtook it from the roving machineLIGHTmız roving in ring spinning machines thinned by drawing, become threadşthin enough for hopeğtwisting this bundle of fibers brought to gained strength by givingırılır. This şbe in the plantşspun yarn, wind on bobbinsıas cops is brought into being.






    ring yarn eğThe pulling system is continuous (continuous) with rope.ğieğa winding and winding is the system. In this system, yarnıkbusiness rotating i after leaving its cylindersğ and your hookın taking a twist through it, iğ plug it inılı to the rotating bobbin sarılmtadır. main thread eğelementı iğis wick mirrorı take twist by thinning in the systemıp wind on bobbinsıldLIGHT for continuous (continuedı) is a system.Use a system similar to the principle of the roving frame on the ring spinning machine.ılmak and a more sensitiveşis being passed. 







    *By thinning the rovings coming from the roving or finisher machine by drawing, the desired to obtain yarn 

    *thinned by draftş Gained strength by twisting the rovingıriver 

    *The resulting threadği next işeasy in transactionsık hğthe purpose ofıwith winding on bobbins 

    StealbusinessPrinciple of ma 

    Ring spinning machine three kısım is examined. 

    *feed kısmı

    *shooting kısmı

    *Twist and wrapımkısmı  

    feed kısmı  

    this kısmıThe task of n is the bobbin of the wick to be thinned by drafting.ıwhat about loveılıto do and kıguides helpımıyla roving deviceıwhat to doğru is to direct.İca of the spinning machineğlLIGHT plug in roving bobbins onıldLIGHT wick loveıhomeı vardır. This cağlık s of roving bobbinsıas possibleği şis in cultivation. rail automaticallyı wick filling and boşlower assembliesı, rail from the roving frameı ring spinning machine with system cağlıkkısmıwhat's full s wicksıas far asğmanual like i (manual roving alsoğişbookmark) as operator roving askıhomeına sıit may rattle.






    Operator side with automatic transfer system or manually on the roving frameıfrom the ring eğshrinking machine cağlLIGHTwhat's wrongıroving bobbinsıwicks drawn from wick direction rodsıpassing through each otherbusinessmoreı is prevented.






    Shooting of the ring spinning machine routed to the system.top of the machineısmıfound in cağlıkkısmıwick in loveıhomeıno plugılı the wick bobbinsı, a turnş to the gravitational zone with the movement offiedlır. the hour of the wickfiedlm hız and quantityı is fixed.






    The wick is released from the wick bobbin.fiedldıwick direction rods afterıwick passing through kıenters his language. wick kıguide, pan sideıright fromğa and is moved to the left. This cause of movement, manşonlarıwell smacksını spread over the surfaceır. Hanger for easy rotation of the wick bobbinılLIGHTn and rotary partınınkırık or crack absenceı must. otherwise askınıwith n turning powerştiğinden roving, drafting system take some shots before you enterğRAMbusiness It happens. 








    wick loveısıno plugılı trace of the wick to the roving moverş olduğu go cağlık It called. What are impacted teeth? When one or more teeth fails to grow in the correct position and is therefore held below the normal gum line, it is called an impaction. This can be complete, such as completely unerrupted (buried) third molars (wisdom teeth) or partial when just part of the tooth is visible in the mouth. Why are impactions important? For best function and appearance the teeth should grow in a healthy alignment. When one or more teeth is impacted, this can affect the function of that tooth but also the function and appearance of other teeth. Whether all impactions should be treated is still controversial and your dentist and oral and maxillofacial team can explain the advantages and disadvantages or treatment for you, which is usually surgical.






     wick loveısı  

    wick loveısıusually made of fiberglass and metal parts.şmakadır. rovingfied your reelın top kısmıask fromıor free bırakıldLIGHTlog inşI knowıkbusinessmomentımore quotes then openıas a makayı amount.wick loveısıhas the ability to rotate. This is the feeding of the roving to the drafting system. sırasıin a more comfortable şdissolution in plant (hfiedlmasını) withğs. TOğdissolving the wick a free şIf it is not in the right way, undesired drafting will occur and yarn in the desired number force to get r.






    wick directional barğu  

    The wicks are dipped into the wick runnerğsnow with wicksbusinessa decent one şmake your shipment in the plantğs.İdirection rodsınıThe n surface ensures that the roving does not slide easily.ı to be smoothıdır.Slippery by nickel-platingıbright and brightLIGHT sağlanır.






    roving brake  

    roving brake, roving tuberfiedby contacting him with an uncontrolled şprevents it from dissolving in the plant.Because wick askısı make a freely swivelıit happened tooğe for uğer wickfied turn aroundşü control an uncontrollable şplant itıIf not, yumfiednhızı may increase and system loginşin wick yLIGHTlması It happens.This undesirable situation is prevented by the roving brake. mirrorı time to the drafting system of the roving be guidedğs.  

    roving runner  

    This machine partına walker kıAlso called lavuz. throughout the machine groundşknurledş that the wick can pass on a metal blade.ği geneşcircular holeği found place beadsşknurledşTruck.Metal lama tookLIGHT along the machine with movementğa and moved to the leftğin the wick the sameı makes the move. Made this move wickırmanıThe reason is, it's made of rubberş the basqueı Monşonları and apronsıdue to friction of the wick on the surfaceı helloşan a nmayı apron and Monşonların largerş use longer by spreading it on its surfaceılmasını sağlactatingır.navigator kıThe fibers accumulated in the guides, the regular flow of the rovingheatdon't hinderı and shooting Does not cause thinning of the wick before the region ofı to be cleaned.  

    shooting kısmı  

    shooting işbetween the cylinder pairsıdo it atılır. The roving fed into the machine şdesired to melt yarn countıYour shot was given according toğfirstısımdır. this kısıthree drafting rollers, three de basqueı have cylinderır. The draft rollers are metal and grooved. Basqueı rollers are rubber capıdır and take its motion from the drafting rollers by frictionır.Bottom rollers made of corrugated metalılmbusiness if the draft rollers are at the top, the elastic material capı baskı made of cylindersşur. The drafting rollers move with the movement from the engine.şpeople sideıis moved from. Basqueı rollers as a result of friction with the drafting rollers. take actionır

    Each draft roller is faster than the previous one.ızlı rotary. h in betweenız differenceıdue toı the rollers give draft, making the roving thinner and making the fibers even more parallel.bass in the middleı man on rollerşten shiftsır. Manşthey are fiberın better openılmasını and get it pulledğs. Get your shot rightılability and fiber transportationLIGHTnot havingı 2nd edition forı and aprons are placed on the drafting rollers.şTruck. Twisting thanks to aprons hungryılmbusiness becauseısıdecrease in strengthbusiness thinned outş burn the bundle of fibers to the front rollerın to a distance controlled, smooth şin the plant nmbusiness It is possible. High withdrawal amounts appliedı thread smoothnessğspoiled your reputationır.With the middle (second) rollerıkbusiness between the cylinderıfiber flies inını holding and cleaning felt capı a cylinder is available. 






    shooting kısmıThere are two drafting zones, namely pre-draft and main (main) draft.ır.Pre-drafting zone, the entrance of the drafting systemş between the cylinder and the second cylinderıin the region. Basis the drafting region is connected with the second cylinder.ıkbusiness between the cylinderıin the region.

    In the pre-shooting zone amount of shot givenı very fewır. The main attraction is given in the main draft area.Giriş between the rollers and the apron pairıIn the pre-drawing zone at theği spoiled roving, ready to primeırlanır.Hi k of the roving twistırılması It called. What are impacted teeth? When one or more teeth fails to grow in the correct position and is therefore held below the normal gum line, it is called an impaction. This can be complete, such as completely unerrupted (buried) third molars (wisdom teeth) or partial when just part of the tooth is visible in the mouth. Why are impactions important? For best function and appearance the teeth should grow in a healthy alignment. When one or more teeth is impacted, this can affect the function of that tooth but also the function and appearance of other teeth. Whether all impactions should be treated is still controversial and your dentist and oral and maxillofacial team can explain the advantages and disadvantages or treatment for you, which is usually surgical. apron pair,shooting işsırasıwider fiber bundleş control within an area sağs. Between the apron pair and the front rollerıwanted inğour yarn numberını basis to get shooting işdo the trickılır.

    Distance of drafting zones fiber lengthğset according toır. this distance fiber longğas much or a little moreır.  

    Pre-draft (roving twist kırıcı)  

    Pre-shot quantityı raw material, gauge settingına, total withdrawal amountına and wick count twistısıwhat aboutğlı as wellğişir. fiber longğukıif h is kırıcı shot quantityı high,if the fiber is longşmust be selected. If the total attraction is high kırıcı shooting high, total if the shooting is lowırıcı shooting tooşmust be adjustedıdır. If the roving twist is excessive, kırıcı pull high, low if twistşmust be selected.  

    main shot  

    shooting gearıwith the 2nd (middle, intermediate) cylinderıkbusiness (front, yield) roller betweenıThe shot applied in the main shot is called the main shot. In the main drafting zone, the fiber bundle is thinned by pulling up to the desired number.  

    draft rollers 

    There are three front, middle and rear drafting rollers. Pre-draft roller, max hızlı is rotating. The middle draft roller is a little slowerş rotary. Rear draft rollerfiedr is the return. This rotation of the draft rollersş hızsının differentılLIGHTdue toı, wick şmelted desired thinnessğe can be drawn. h of draft rollersız differenceıcreated withğto the event pull It called. What are impacted teeth? When one or more teeth fails to grow in the correct position and is therefore held below the normal gum line, it is called an impaction. This can be complete, such as completely unerrupted (buried) third molars (wisdom teeth) or partial when just part of the tooth is visible in the mouth. Why are impactions important? For best function and appearance the teeth should grow in a healthy alignment. When one or more teeth is impacted, this can affect the function of that tooth but also the function and appearance of other teeth. Whether all impactions should be treated is still controversial and your dentist and oral and maxillofacial team can explain the advantages and disadvantages or treatment for you, which is usually surgical.

    shooting apparatusıpress of the 1st cylinderıncı extradır. The 2nd and 3rd cylinders are morefiedrlıclearıbass withıinch does. The draft is higher than the cylinders.ızlı come backşur. Less draft on the rear rollersır because here is the unwinding of the wickğlanır. Main draft between 2nd and 3rd rollersındadır.İfoldğclose to the front cylinders that are most likely to breakın pneumophiliaş have systemır. So the wick that brokeğgo around your menşis absorbed.  

    Maleşthey (basqueı cylinders)  

    ring eğfiber being conveyed in the drafting zone of the knitting machineıstanding on the draft roller sideıpressure driven by frictionı loaded with forceş, of smooth wood, covered with synthetic rubberı or mineral cylinders. Manşthey areğduring the shooting on the drawing machinesıfiber inı pull, under controlıuse to keepılır.  


    registrationırmalı shooting gearıfiber inı girişout ofıkbusinessship to shipbusiness systems. ring eğsingle and double slip on shrinking machinesbusinesslı use shooting systemsılmtadır. Usually doublebusinesslı use systemsılır.  

    Cleaning rollers (cleaning pad)  

    Baskı gunsının is located on the front. front manşdead fibers accumulating on tenı they clean. Cleaning felts must rotate continuously. The non-rotating cleaning felts must be cleaned and returned.ğshould beıdır. shooting gearıin the manşten so basqueı are the rollers that clean the rollers. Cleaning eventı, basqueı of the cylindersşopen levısımore important than

    Clean in the drafting systemğand withğladLIGHT Too much fiber accumulates on its surface. This In this case, the cleaning roller surface is closed.LIGHT It cannot do the cleaning task.This also affects production. quality and efficiencyği dşbreeds. s for thisıksık has been checked should be cleaned.  

    apron cage 

    Between the front draft roller and the rear draft rollerılocated in. Bed on the lower apron that passes over it.ık does.  

    Lower apron and apron tension pegsı 

    It is located on the lower apron cage with the middle draft roller. Arasıwick passing through şensure homogeneous crushing of the meltğs. Back sideıtension latch onı gain a certain tensionır. tension pegsıwrap inıno scum or dirtı must.

    y on the machineırtıIf there are k or broken aprons, you can also use a spare apron in that area.ğişis raised. ŞIf there is no spare apron, the gun is left.ırıas a wick şstrips are canceled and the official is notified. TOğer disconnected or yırtıi with a k apronğ stealbusinesstırılırsa oiğThe thread will be of very poor quality.ır and s in yarnıksık breakşs will occur.  

    Baskı gunsı 

    It is located on the draft roller. It puts pressure on the drafting shafts with a certain pressure. The front foot of the presser gun has a front sleeve, and the rear foot has a rear sleeve. The front and rear cuffs are different from each other. The front sleeve is soft, the back sleeve is harder. Therefore, the sleeves should not be displaced.

    The rear sleeve pulls the roving sliver coming from the roving mover at a certain speed by pressing on the rear drafting shaft with a certain pressure. It allows it to enter between the upper and lower aprons in the right way. The top apron cage and top aprons are located on the middle foot of the presser gun. In the upper apron cage, there is a steel sleeve and two upper aprons on it. Thanks to the specific pressure of the gun, the upper aprons exert pressure on the lower aprons, ensuring that the roving strip passing between them is homogeneously crushed and opened.

    The upper apron cage ensures that the upper aprons do not slide to the left or right. The upper apron cage has clips. The task of the clips is to adjust the pressure between the lower apron and the upper apron. If there are no clips, the pressure between the aprons will deteriorate and there will be continuous breaks in the yarn. At the same time, poor quality yarn is produced. The clip colors change according to the number of working thread. The front sleeve presses on the front draft roller. It ensures that the crushed and drawn fibers coming from between the aprons come out of the drafting zone. When there is a turban on the front sleeves, it should be cleaned by hand. Hard objects or cutting tools should not be used. If the front cuff is damaged, it should be replaced immediately. If the defective cot runs, undesirable faults occur in the yarn.  

    Twist and wrapımkısmı  

    Twist is the spiral rotations given to the yarn to hold the fibers together and add strength. Twisting is usually caused by the relative rotation of the ends of the yarns. The twist given to the yarn in ring spinning machines is provided with the help of the spindle-ring-traveller trio. After the roving comes out of the production (yield, front, delivery) cylinder, it passes through the thread guide and the eyelet attached to the collar and is wound on the bobbin as a thread. The bobbin rotates on the spindle together with the spindle. As a result of the thread being dragged by the rotation of the bobbin, the traveler starts to rotate on the ring. Thanks to this rotational movement, the fiber bundle starts to twist by twisting around itself as soon as it comes out of the front roller.






    In order to perform the twisting operation, the thinned roving must be grasped and rotated from the lower end. This process; It is carried out by the spindle, ring and traveler trio. The clasp holds the lower end of the thinned wick; On the other hand, the spindle twists the roving around itself with the help of the ring and traveler. If the friction of the traveler with the ring is not taken into account, it is assumed that each revolution of the spindle or each turn of the traveler around the ring gives a twist to the yarn. As long as the fiber bundle continues to be delivered from the front roller, the yarn both receives twist and continues to be wound on the bobbin.

    Winding process; It is made with a device consisting of a ring, traveler and spindle trio. on bracelet The freely rotating traveler will lose some of its speed due to friction. spindle and yarn Since it will force it to rotate continuously, there will be a revolution difference between the spindle and the traveler. as a result of this, the winding of the thread on the bobbin will take place.

    During the winding, there is a ring rail that acts as a way to the yarn, regulates the winding and constantly goes up and down from top to bottom. Planga, going up heavier, wraps the main layer of the yarn, descending faster, wraps the intermediate layer on the bobbin. The formation of cones in the bobbin is provided by the device on the machine. This device; consists of latch, fork and chain. The chain shortens a little with each movement of the ring rail, delaying the movement of the ring ring and creating a taper.

    It is transported to the next process by the rail system as a result of the assembly that automatically takes the full bobbins from the machine and places the empty tubes in their place, and places the full bobbins on the rail system at the bottom of the machine.  


     They are the elements that enable the winding to take place by moving the bobbin in the ring spinning machine. The spindles are mounted on the machine from the neck and base.





    Friction between the traveler and the ring limits the spindles reaching very high speeds. The spindles have a knee-commanded brake assembly. The bobbins must fit on the spindles evenly and engage tightly. The swinging bobbin causes the spindle to vibrate. 


    The ring is the ring around the spindle in the ring machine and forms the traveler's rotation path. It is subject to high friction.The bracelet is made of hardened quality steel. The surfaces of the bracelets are made harder than the clasp. In order for the traveler to be efficient, it is very important that it is perfectly round and the surface is smooth.The yarn coming out of the front rollers is wound on the bobbin by sliding the traveler, which is formed by the rotation of the spindle, on the ring.

    bracelet railı 

    It is a stand made of pressed steel sheet on which rings are mounted in ring spinning machines. For conical winding of the thread, the ring rail should move up and down relative to the bobbin. The up and down movement of the ring rail is provided by an eccentric.  


    It is the metallic or plastic part that the thread passes through while winding on the bobbin, which gives tension to the thread and also provides twisting with the spindle. The traveler is attached to the collar and rotates by dragging through the thread.

    There are different types of travelers such as double-sided, single-sided, C, N, ellipse, oval travelers. C type fasteners are mostly used for cotton, viscose and cotton blends. It depends on the fiber properties used, the production speed, etc. Depending on the type of traveler used, the type of traveler may also vary. It is desirable that a good fastener is suitable for the bracelet form, has a smooth surface, is made of good material, and has an appropriate weight. The fasteners are numbered according to their weight. Travelers are changed according to the thread number.

    The traveler weight (number) must match the yarn count. Here, the spindle speed, delivery speed, balloon size and cop stiffness must also be taken into account. The balloon form has a great effect on the running behavior, especially on yarn breaks. Under normal conditions, the thread balloon should slightly touch the balloon collar. Light or heavy eyelets cause the thread balloon to become loose and taut. Such yarn balloons cause yarn breaks, traveler wear and deterioration of yarn quality.  

    balloon kırıcı 

    As a result of the great speed of the traveler and the yarn, both are under the influence of a very important central force. This force will press the traveler against the collar, while the force of the thread will want to throw it out. In the meantime, it is seen that the yarn takes a pear-shaped transparent form around the rotating spindle. It's called a balloon

    As a result of ballooning in the ring spinning machine, the threads wound on the bobbins can become wrapped around each other and thread breakage may occur. Preventing this is with the help of balloon collars that define the ballooning limit.

    With balloon bracelets, excessive expansion of the balloon is prevented. It prevents the yarn coming from the guides (pig tail) from scattering. It allows the thread to move in a specific area. Like the guides, the spindle is perfectly centered.  

    Ayırıcı plates (separator)  

    Separators are mainly for the purpose of preventing the spinning balloons from hitting each other and the stationary or moving machine parts and getting stuck.These can limit and collect the size of the yarn balloons to a certain extent and also affect the yarn tensions during the process.  

    İyarn kılavuzu (pig tailğu)  

    They are the elements that guide and guide the yarn. It is the thread guide, which is aligned with the axis of the bobbin on which the thread is wound and at a suitable distance above it, forming the upper point of the thread balloon. It prevents the yarn coming from the drafting area from being thrown and scattered. At the same time, since it centers the spindle exactly, it ensures that the thread is wound properly on the bobbin.  

    pneumophilus tube  

    The pneumophile tube is connected to the suction channel. When the yarn breaks in the spindle, it absorbs the material flowing between the front cot and the front drafting shaft, preventing the material from breaking the yarns on other spindles and wrapping the material on the drafting shaft. If the pneumophile tube is clogged, it must be cleaned and suctioned.  

    Spindle brakes 

    It is the machine part used to stop the spindle. The bobbin or cop must not be removed from the spindle without using the spindle brake and stopping the spindle. 


    It is the spinning element on which the yarn is wound. 


    Thread is wound on the bobbin. 

    pneumophile warehouse 

    It is the part where the material absorbed by the pneumophilus pipes is collected. The tank needs to be cleaned frequently. 

    Traveling cleaner (electrojet) 

    It circulates between the machines by performing the blowing and suction operations at the same time. It blows on the machine. It prevents the sticking of flies on the yarn. It makes suction to collect volatile and dead fiber on the ground.




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