RR Wavy Rib Knitting Questions
  • RR Wavy Rib Knitting Questions



    S.1.RR Waveı How are rib braids formed?


    C.1.RR Wavy rib knits are formed in rib circular knitting machines when one of the cap or cylinder needles works more than the other. In other words, the cover needle waits while the cylinder needles knit in 4-6 systems. In the next system, the cover and cylinder make loops.


    S.2.RR Waveı How is the rib knit fabric surface?


    C.2.The surface of the fabric has the appearance of a fluffy and wavy surface. The back surface of the fabric is flatter.


    Q.3. RR Waveı What settings are made on the machine in order to produce rib knitted fabric?


    C.3.In order for the machine to be ready for knitting, needle selection, steel selection, thread selection, pulley adjustment, may density adjustment, thread tension adjustment, machine speed adjustment and fabric drafting settings must be made.


    Q.4. RR Waveı How to choose a needle for the production of rib knitted fabric?


    For the production of C.4.RR wavy rib fabric, all needles must be lined up and in working condition on the cover and cylinder of the machine. If the machine to be worked on has a double-track steel system, care should be taken to ensure that one short foot and one long foot will follow while the needle array is being made.


    Q.5. RR Waveı in rib knit fabrics Steel selection and may sıklLIGHT adjustmenttell me about


    The choice of the steel system in knitting C.5.RR wavy rib fabric is important as it is in preparing the report of all knits. The steel report of the fabric to be produced is completely looped in the cylinder, the 1st and 2nd system loops on the cover, and the jumping steel is used in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th systems. In the production of wavy rib fabric, the fact that the machine has double steel tracks does not change the situation. Steel selection is also made depending on the type of needle to be used. Whichever movement the upper steel is making, the one who makes the same movement in the lower steel is selected.

    After the steel systems of the rib machine are adjusted and placed on the RR wavy rib weave, the may (loop length) adjustments must be made from the may gauge steels on the steel caps. In some circular knitting machines, a single point adjustment can be made with the central May adjustment. Only may settings need to be balanced.


    Q.6. RR waveı rib fabric Tell us about the yarn tension setting in knitting n.


    C.6. Thread tension adjustment: The tight or loose threads coming to the systems in all circular knitting machines affect the knitting. By adjusting the rotation speeds of the positive stacked furniers that provide yarn delivery to the systems, the desired feature of the knitting can be achieved. If the speed of the furniers is slowed down, the yarn becomes more taut, if it is accelerated, the amount of yarn transferred is greater and the yarn becomes loose. This situation has a great effect on the unit weight of the fabric.

    If the yarn is stretched, a tighter knit is knitted and the weight increases. As in all circular knitting machines, yarn tension adjustment is first made with the pulley adjustment in rib machines. Enlarging the diameter of the pulley will result in more yarn delivery, and narrowing the diameter will result in less yarn delivery. This setting should be done properly according to the characteristics of the sample fabric and the knitting report.

    In order for the wavy rib knitting to be knitted, the furnisor system of the rib knitting machine must be double banded (two gear wheels). Furnisor gear wheels take movement from the pulley with the help of toothed or clawed belts. There will be differences in rotation speed depending on the diameter of the pulley. By taking advantage of this situation, it is decided which of the gear wheels will work within the pattern. In other words, it provides two different speeds in the rotation of the furnisor by fixing the clutch that moves the furnisor up or down. Two different settings should be used in the wavy rib knitting we will make. Because when we look at the report, it is seen that the amount of yarn spent by the knitting between the 1st and 2nd systems and the 3rd and 8th systems is different. In this case, when the movement is given from a single pulley, the tension adjusted according to the 1st and 2nd systems will become looser when the other systems come. Therefore, the pulley setting of the 1st and 2nd systems (respectively, the rotation speed of the furnisors) and the pulley adjustment to be made for the others should be done differently.


    S.7. RR waveı rib fabric What happens as a result of enlarging the diameter of the hoop when adjusting the yarn tension in knitting n?


    C.7. Enlarging the pulley diameter causes more yarn delivery.


    Q.8. RR waveı rib fabric In the knitting of n, the hızı slowşlatılwhat does it cause?


    C.8. If the speed of the furniers is slowed, it causes the yarn to be more taut.


    Q.9. RR waveı rib fabric n knitting machine hız-adjustmenttell me about


    C.9.Excessive speed in circular knitting machines causes wear of needles and steels in a short time. Especially since rib circular knitting machines work with double plate, they should be operated at a lower speed compared to single plate machines. In addition, the type of knitting is also effective in adjusting the machine speed.


    Q.10. RR waveı rib fabric Tell us about the fabric pull setting in knitting ?


    C.10. In the production of wavy ribs, the fabric draft setting should be reduced. Because the machine completes two rows of knitting in 8 systems. This reduces the number of rows the machine knits in one round. For example; cloth drafting device when drafting is adjusted for normal RR rib knitting, it will give too much tension to the fabric.


    Q.11. RR waveı rib fabric Explain how to adjust the distance between the cover and the cylinder in knitting n?


    C.11. In rib knitting machines, the distance between the cover and the cylinder can be adjusted. The state of this distance is generally determined by the knitting report. In general, the distance is narrow in flat rib knits. Because the fabric goes down without much accumulation in the needle mouth. In the knitting we will do, although 4-6 loops are formed on the cylinder needle, the knitting does not go down because the cover needles are fixed. Therefore, in order to prevent possible needle breakage and to relieve knitting, the gap between the cover and the cylinder is slightly opened. After the machine is ready, some sample fabric should be knitted. The yarn used for this knitted fabric should be similar to the sample fabric. It is necessary to check whether the knitted sample fabric has the desired properties. If there is a knitted fabric sample here, the sample is compared with the fabric; If there is no sample fabric, control is made by taking into account the desired features in the order form. The properties checked on the sample fabric in the production workshops; Knitting pattern is the touch of the knitted fabric, the pattern size, the color report size, the loop bar density and the unit weight of the fabric. Unit grammage; It is the weight in grams of one square meter of knitted fabric. The fact that the unit weight of the knitted fabric is the same as the sample provides the closeness of many features of the same. The unit weight can be weighed with a precision scale or the amount of yarn consumed for a certain number of stitches can be measured by comparing the length. After all these controls, if the desired properties are met, fabric production is started. If it does not have the desired feature, the necessary settings are made again. After making the desired settings on the machine, knitting the sample fabric and making the controls, the production of the fabric can be started. These should be paid attention to in order to avoid possible mistakes during the production of the fabric.



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RR Wavy Rib Knitting Questions