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    • The Sirospun spinning system is a new method that emerged in 1980 for spinning wool fiber.
    • Later, the double spinning process was adapted to this method and started to be used in cotton spinning technology.
    • Since the double spinning system reduces the hairiness problem of single yarns, it has been a good representative of conventional intermittent spinning systems.
    • This system both shortens engineering processes and improves yarn quality. In this way, yarn competition in the market has increased.  

    The Sirospun spinning process is not a separate system, but a system adapted to the existing ring spinning system. The spinning and folding process takes place in one operation.  

    • In the Sirospun spinning system, two rovings fed parallel to each other with the help of a guide receive draft by passing through the drafting system and converge and twist as soon as they pass through the nip point of the foremost drafting rollers.
    • A structure similar to a two-ply yarn is formed.
    • The wicks take individual shots during shooting thanks to specially developed condensers.
    • Twist is given with the help of a ring and a clasp, as in single ply yarn.
    • Twisting starts at the final clamping point at the exit of the drafting system.
    • At this point, the two threads combine to form a structure similar to a double thread.
    • Yarn twist is unidirectional as in single ply yarn.
    • When one of the two yarns breaks, the control element prevents the twist and ensures that the second yarn is broken.
    • With the Sirospun spinning system, short and long fibers of sufficient length can be spun.
    • Twisting is more like a two-ply yarn twist than a single-ply yarn twist.
    • This system is mostly used in the production of seasonal fabrics with low weight.
    • In the production of woven fabrics, there is a need to use two-ply yarn in terms of strength and resistance to tensions.
    • Sirospun yarns started to take the place of two-ply yarns. Its most important advantage is its low cost, as a two-ply yarn-like structure is obtained in one step.


    Yarn properties of sirospun  

    Sirospun yarns have the positive properties of ply yarns. Since the fibers are wrapped better in ply yarn structures, unevenness decreases and durability increases.

    These yarns have less pilling, more abrasion resistance and less bending stiffness.

    A study was conducted to compare the cotton yarn properties of Sirosp with single-ply and double-ply yarn properties with the same number and twist. Accordingly, sirospun yarns; Its longitudinal image is smooth and clean like a stick

    The cross-sectional view is circular.

    Sirospun yarns are stronger, more elongated, smoother, less hairy and more resistant to abrasion than single-ply yarns. According to the same study, when compared with two-ply yarns, it is less hairy and its elongation is better. At the middle twist level, sirospun yarns were stronger than the two-ply yarn, but the unevenness value was higher than the two-ply yarn.








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Sirospun Spinning