Carding Machine Questions
  • Carding Machine Questions



    Q.1. What are the Duties of Carding Machines?


    C.1. Duties of Carding Machines:


    1- Opening the fiber until it becomes a single fiber


    2-Separating foreign matter and fine dust


    3- Separating short fibers, especially neps-nopes (knots)


    4- To parallelize the fibers and give them a longitudinal direction.


    5-Increasing the blending by ensuring the blending of the fiber


    6- Bringing the fibers into band form and stacking them in buckets


    7-To obtain a tape with equal thickness and smoothness at every point at the exit of the machine and stack it in buckets.


    P.2. The wool carding machines used in the wool spinning system are divided by fiber length, what are they?



    C.2. It is divided into two: 1-Worsted or semi-worsted carding machine 2-Strayhgarn carding machine.


    P.3. What are the parts of the carding machine?


    C.3. Parts of the carding machine


    1-Feed part


    2-Pre-opening (avantren device) and hook and loop removal (Morel device)


    3-Main comb part (large drum clothing opener)


    4-Output part (tape acquisition)



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Carding Machine Questions