Spot control in textured yarn
  • Spot control in textured yarn



    itemat tester, It is a device that provides automatic measurement of IMG values ​​in textured and flat yarns.









    A little twist should be given so that the filaments, which have gained the necessary volume and softness by texturing, can come to a full yarn form. In textured yarn production techniques, the required cohesion is gained to the filaments by puncturing instead of this twist.

    The friction between the fibers provides the necessary cohesive force to hold the staple fibers together.

    With the random distribution of fibers of different lengths, it is ensured that the fiber carries the tension during the formation of yarn and fabric by giving a little twist.

    In filament yarns, the required cohesion force cannot be achieved due to the parallel filament structure.

    Other processes that can be done to provide cohesion strength are twisting and sizing.

    However, because these bring additional costs, the centering process has also been developed for the filament yarn production technique.

    Centering is done by passing dispersed straight or textured filaments through a jet of cold air..

    The air flow in the jet acts perpendicular to the filaments. There is no physical or chemical change in the structure of the filaments with the centering process; only the locations change.

    IMG (Point) Device It consists of a hanger (trolley) on which the coils are hung, and an itemat test device (guide, drafting rollers, grooved roller, tension, IMG measurement guide, computer screen where the data is entered and the points are read).











    • Before starting the test, the thread line of the device is checked.
    • The first coil of the machine to be tested for IMG (spot) test is connected to the device. The thread end is passed through the air suction. The process is done separately for each coil.
    • Sample yarn information is entered into the computer of the IMG device (yarn number, machine number, tool number, etc.). The test is started by pressing the Enter key.
    • The thread is first passed through the 1st guide.
    • Then a tour is passed from the 2nd guide. The 1st draft is passed through the cylinder and is wound 1 times clockwise, together with the grooved guide at the bottom of the cylinder and the 12st drafting cylinder. It is passed through the 1st tension with the aim of being at a certain tension.
    • The yarn is passed through the 2nd draft roller once and is wound 1 times clockwise through the grooved guide and the 2nd draft roller located at the bottom. After the 12nd tension, the IMG is passed through the measuring head and the guide.
    • The yarn is wound 3 times clockwise from the grooved roller in the 12rd drafting roller and its lower part, and the yarn end is given to the absorber.
    • Information about the test is entered into the computer of the device. The amount of draft applied to the thread can be selected. The graphic of the selected shot is selected from the printer.
    • With the start key, the counting of the points in the yarn is started.
    • The IMG device counts the number of points on the yarn at 10 meters and applies a 4cN load to the drafting rollers.



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Spot control in textured yarn