Life of the Textile Product
  • Life of the Textile Product



    The life of a textile product depends on its use and maintenance. In the researches, it has been determined that the textile product wears out and wears out as a result of the joint effect of wearing and washing. Recently, the durability of textiles against care processes, especially washing, has become a performance criterion. For this purpose, many finishes such as permanent ironing, wash-wear, non-shrinkage, anti-wrinkle are applied to the products, and issues such as the durability of the products against dimensional and shape changes that will occur with the effect of washing and the preservation of surface properties are taken into consideration.  


    The maintenance process basically consists of washing, drying and ironing steps.. Washing takes place mostly in domestic automatic washing machines. The effects of household washing are grouped under three main headings.

    primary effects:

    The main functions of washing are stain removal, dirt removal and whitening.

    Secondary effects:

    It is the negative change in the performance properties of textile products as a result of the washing process. (Dimensional change, loss of strength, pilling, etc.) environmental effects: Consumption of water, energy and chemicals.


    There are many factors that affect the washing performance of textile products. The process of washing textiles affects the parameters, as well as each of the structures that make up the fabric.


    The mechanical action (cycle) applied during the washing process, the amount of load used, water, temperature, time, and the molecular structure that make up the fabric, fiber type, yarn type, fabric type, knitting type, knitting density, finishing type are the factors that affect textiles.

    The effects of the washing process on textiles are not very serious under normal conditions, but the increasing effect as a result of repeated washing processes can cause serious damage to some textile products.


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Life of the Textile Product