Tests on Textile Materials
  • Tests on Textile Materials






    1-Length Measurement in One Lift 

    2-Measuring Cotton Length with HVI Device 

    3-Measuring Cotton Fineness with HVI Device 

    4-Measuring Cotton Fineness with Micronaire Device 

    5-Measuring Wool Diameter with Microprojection Method 

    6-Measurement of Cotton Strength with Presley Device 

    Measuring Bundled Fiber Strength in Cotton with 7-HVI 

    8-Detection of Foreign Matter in Cotton with HVI 



    1- Number Determination of Yarns (Hack Method) 

    2- Determination of the number of yarns removed from the fabric 

    3-Detection of Moisture in Textile Products by Drying Method 

    4-Measurement of Thread Strength 

    5-Detection of Yarn Irregularity with Contrasting Color Plate 

    6-Detection of Irregularity by Capacitive Measurement Method 

    7-Determination of Twist in Single-Ply Yarns 

    8-Large Determination of Double-Ply Yarns 

    9-Determination of Twist in Sized Yarns 

    10-Determination of Twist in the Yarn Removed from the Fabric 



    1-Detection of Fabric Weight 

    2-Measurement of Thickness in Textile Products 

    3-Determination of Yarn Density in Fabrics 

    4-Measuring the Fold Straightening Angle of Horizontally Folded Fabric 

    5-Bending Strength of Fabrics 

    6-Measurement of Air Permeability in Textile Products 

    7-Detection of Tensile Strength of Fabrics 

    8-Measurement of Bursting Strength in Fabrics 

    9-Determination of Tear Strength of Fabrics by Elmendorf Method 

    10-Determination of Tear Strength in Fabrics (Single-Language Method) 

    11-Determination of Tear Strength in Fabrics (Bi-Language Method) 

    12-Detection of Stitch Slippage with the Fixed Stitch Opening Method 

    13-Measurement of Abrasion Resistance of Fabrics by Martindale Method (Sample Breakage) 

    14-Determination of Mass Loss After Abrasion in Fabrics by Martindale Method 

    15-Measurement of Abrasion Resistance of Protective Clothing 

    16-Measuring Pilling and Surface Change in Fabrics (ICI Coded Method) 

    17-Measuring Pilling and Surface Change in Fabrics (Matindale Method) 


    1-Color Fastness to Light 

    2-Detection of Color Fastness to Friction 

    3-Detection of Color Fastness of Fabrics Against Hot Press 

    4-Detection of Color Fastness to Weather Conditions 

    5-Detection of Color Fastness to Sea Water 

    6-Detection of Color Fastness to Water in Fabrics 

    7-Detection of Color Fastness to Washing 

    8-Measuring Color Fastness Against Dry Cleaning 

    9-Measurement of Color Fastness to Sweat in Fabrics 

    10-Measuring the Waterproofing of Fabrics (with Hydrostatic Pressure Method) 

    11-Detection of the Resistance of Fabric Surfaces to Wetting by Spray Water Repellency Method 

    12-Detection of Ph and Ph Changes in Textile Products 

    13-Detection of Oil Repellent Degree 

    14-Detection of Flammability Degree in Vertical Position of Fabrics 

    15-Measurement of Dimensional Change in Fabrics After Washing 

    16-Measurement of Dimensional Change in Clothes After Washing






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Tests on Textile Materials