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    Ready-made ribbon sewn into clothes for decoration




    They are the short remaining fibers (fibers between 1-4 mm).


    air jet texturing


    It is a texturing technique applied to blend the filaments of the continuous filament yarns with each other by overfeeding and high pressure air jet and to provide a natural fiber appearance. Two or more yarns with different or same properties can be combined with this method and a single yarn can be obtained.


    high count


    Yarns with a dpf denier/filament ratio between 1 and 2.




    Measuring the resistance of the fabric to some conditions in daily life (such as washing, sweat, sunlight)




    Hairs and their flies on the fabric surface


    Soldering iron


    Pointed tool for cutting tulle curtain with heat


    Sawmill band knife machine


    Cutting machine with band knife, which is fixed or movable, usually located at the ends of the paving tables or on a separate cutting table, in which the fabric layers are cut manually by the cutter




    Painting at high temperature and pressure


    Air permeability


    The ability of the fabric to pass air through its structure


    Carpet construction


    It is the final arrangement of the yarn and filling materials of the carpet, which is produced using production methods such as tufted or weaving, in accordance with the technical specifications.


    Carpet frequency


    It is the measurement in centimeters of the distance between two pinholes.




    It is the curl or cut texture structure that forms the visible upper surface of the carpet.


    pile crushing


    It is the reduction in carpet pile thickness due to heavy traffic or heavy furniture. If the pile yarn has insufficient strength or the pile has an insufficient density for heavy traffic, it may not be recycled. Regular vacuuming will not only prevent the pile from being crushed, but also extend the life of the carpet.


    heat set


    It is the process of strengthening the knot with heat or steam so that the threads can become tighter over time. It is important in cut pile carpets. Cut pile nylon, olefin and polyester carpets are heat-set.


    Rope System


    Dyeing the fabric in the form of a rope (tube)




    All fiber opening, cleaning and mixing processes


    volumetric density


    It is the ratio of the mass of an object to the mass of the same volume of water.


    Hoy ( higly oriented yarn )


    It is a highly oriented yarn. 4000 – 6500 m/min. obtained from the winding speeds between


    Raw materials


    The state of the fiber required to form the yarn before processing


    Air jet spinning (spinning) machine


    The machine that produces yarn using air nozzle




    The ability / ability of colored textile material to protect its color against various effects (light, liquid, mechanical, etc.)



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Textile Terms H