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    Occupational health and safety.




    It is the International Standard Classification of Occupations.




    It is the international standard education classification.


    Needle depth adjustment


    It is the height of the needle penetrating the surface to be felted.


    needle jet trail


    Line-shaped appearance error created by the faulty needle or jet used in the felting process


    Needle density adjustment


    It is the number of needles per unit area.




    It is a felting process using needled surfaces.


    Man-made fiber ( man-made fiber )


    It is the general name of fibers and yarns such as flament yarn, staple yarn, mono filaments and the like.




    The part that makes the bobbin rotate in the ring spinning machine


    spindle brake


    The part for stopping the spindle


    warning lamp


    Signaling system that informs the operator of the machine working status for production and fault monitoring.


    Yarn physics lab


    Yarn testing section


    Thread number


    The number indicating the thickness/thinness of the thread


    Yarn reserve


    Backing up some yarn on the bobbin beforehand for uninterrupted production in weaving and knitting processes.


    Work order (order form)


    The form containing the semi-finished product to be produced, the type of material (100% or Mixing ratio) of the product, semi-finished product, product number, twist, order number, ordering company, order quantity, delivery date, packaging type (parcel, sack, etc.)


    work instruction


    Oral or written rules about the work to be done.


    rope cutting knife


    It is used for cutting rope, cleaning turbans and runners.


    relative humidity


    The ratio of the amount of water vapor in the environment to the amount of saturated water vapor




    Shoulder width in jacket and vest




    The plate on which the yarns are passed in the warp knitting machine




    Metal element that performs the knitting process in knitting machines




    The ironing process of plain knitted fabric before it becomes a garment.


    Thread number


    Figures specifying the thickness calculated based on the correlation between the length and weight of the yarn. The calculation is made as the length of a certain standard weight of yarn or the weight of a standard length.


    thread row


    It is the number of each thread knotted together to form a thread row.




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Textile Terms I