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    A sleeve type that comes out of the body, with a shoulder form, stitched in the middle of the sleeve from the neckline to the end of the sleeve, without an armhole where the arm is attached to the body.




    One of the woven fabric patterning systems.


    jacquard tulle


    Tulle knitted on a jacquard knitting machine.


    Jumbo Coil


    As the weaving speed increases, the warp yarn wound on the bobbin needs to be changed more frequently. In this case, high-capacity bobbins must be used to minimize interruptions in yarn feeding at high speeds, to reduce time loss in product change and to reduce high costs. These high capacity coils are called Jumbo coils. The Jumbo coil also means a reinforced flange diameter and bearing. The smallest flange diameter of Jumbo bobbins used in narrow weaving machines is 600 mm.





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Textile Terms J