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    It is a yarn spun from a mixture of fibers of different colors in certain proportions to achieve the desired color appearance. It is mainly used in woolen fabrics. It also serves to ensure that some type of fiber is prone to coloring. When a ready-made fabric or knit is dyed in a single piece, the discoloration of the prone fibers gives the product a melange appearance.




    Medium weight, soft and warm touch woolen fabricir. Due to its partially matted surface, 2 by 2 twill or other twill weave is difficult to detect. It is produced from worsted and woolen yarn. It is usually striped patterned. Light-weight melton is used in men's suits, and heavier types are used in women's and men's coats. The name is taken from the English town of Melton, where this type of fabric was first produced.


    midi length


    Clothing length that ends below the knee in women's clothing. It was very popular in the early 1970s and 1990s.


    Mogador silk


    Silk weft thread connecting at the top, cotton warp thread connecting at the bottom, bias ribbed Low weight plain weave obtained by the technique silk fabric. It is used in the manufacture of women's dresses and scarves.


    Egyptian Dress


    The original dress of the ancient Egyptians was the apron worn by men and women. The other garment they wear is the sleeveless shirt, which was later worn with a vest. The women's shirts and aprons were longer than the men's, the shirt reaching to the ankle and the apron to the knee. The next garments are a lightweight overcoat and made of quality sheer fabric for women. pleated is the dress.


    Moleskin fabric, cotton fabric for lining


    Made from medium-fine yarns satin weave tight cotton fabric. It is used as a pocket. It resembles a thin leather with the reinforcement of the scarf and the inner surface of the raising. It is used in the production of work clothes, especially trousers. Its name comes from English. The heavier type of this fabric is called English leather.


    Medio thread


    Medium twist, medium fine cotton yarn, used in weft and knitting processes.


    Milanese fabric Cotton in the warp, fine wool in the weft woven cloth footIt is a transparent, lightweight fabric. Musline similar and used for women's dresses.


    Milanez warp knit fabric


    passed through two warps Charmouse warp knitting. Both warps continuously feed yarn in the same direction (right or left) in the atlas feed. knitting loops The Milanez lattice is symmetrical. loops stops properly. It is used in the production of underwear as silk knitted fabrics..




    It is the resistance of the material against the force or load applied in any direction.




    It is a mixture of dyestuff added to the polymer to be dyed in melt and auxiliary additives.


    Moy (medium oriented yarn)


    It is a moderately oriented yarn. It is obtained from winding speeds up to 2000 – 3000 m/min.




    It is in the form of a cone or cylindrical, and threads, etc., are attached to it. It is a material made of wrapped cardboard, wood, plastic, etc.




    They are the tubes attached to the spindles and on which the thread is wound.


    bobbin box


    It is the device where the materials on which the yarn is wound are put.




    It is the resistance of the yarn against breaking.


    Machine park


    These are the machines arranged according to the sewing order of the model to be sewn.




    It is a flat or shaped piece of clothing that is usually hardened with a backing material, which is placed on the armhole in order to collect the sleeve ends of the garment and to provide ease of use.




    It is a metal reel on which thread is wound in order to give movement to the lower thread in industrial type flat machines.




    It is the tool used when cutting.


    Tape Measure


    It is a foldable, bendable measuring tool made of soft material with a meter or inch measurement system on it.




    Feed rate given to the mold




    It is the front inner part of the body in the collar forms and zippered front closures that come out of the body.


    interview paper


    It is a thin paper used for preparing pattern drawing in 1/1 dimensions.




    It is a cylinder on which thread is wound.


    May (on the machine)


    Numbered needles in the remevision machine for sewing flat knitted pieces


    May (loop)


    It is the row of loops on the knitted surface.


    May follow-up


    It is the process of attaching the piece to the remegio needles by following the loop bar during sewing.


    shuttle groups


    These are the color groups used when converting the pattern colors used in the drawings into products in the socks machine.


    Model information file


    It is the file that contains information such as the size table, model picture, model drawing, fit (fit critic) about the model.




    It is the cylinder that ensures the transfer and wrapping of the fabric produced on the roll.




    Dullness in synthetic yarns depends on the production process and the titanium dioxide ratio used. The higher the titanium dioxide ratio, the duller the yarn. Standard polyester yarns are usually semi-dull, but there are also modified ones.


    mechanical stretch


    They are yarns that gain some flexibility due to the changes made to their physical properties during the production process.




    It is a type of yarn created by combining two colored yarns.




    The name given to very fine threads and the technology that develops this thread. Microfibers have a dpf value of less than 1, and this feature adds a pleasant touch, sweet drape and incredible softness to the fabric.




    It indicates the resistance of the yarn against breaking and directly affects the resistance of the fabric against tearing.




    It is to increase the brightness and strength of a cotton fabric by undergoing a basic treatment.


    Me to


    Colored labels used for marking the faulty parts Overlock: Different types according to different fabric types and processes; Overcasting is the process performed on the sewing machine used for cleaning and joining.








    Abundance to be fed








    To take a pattern of a model with paper or fabric (French word)








    Immature very large pubescent seed.



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