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    It is six adhesive extrafor wide backing.


    draw a vote


    It is to feed the abundance by shrinking it.








    It is the protection of works with tape support.


    Average pile weight


    It is the density of the pile yarn per unit area.




    It is a transparent, stiff and thin fancy fabric woven from raw silk thread.




    It is the curling of cotton fibers during harvesting, transport and ginning.


    Open-End (rotor) spinning (spinning) machine


    It is a machine that produces yarn using a rotor.




    1-It is a rope tape interlining that is usually attached to the armhole.

    2- It is the material used for decoration purposes.




    It is the process performed in a sewing machine, which has different types according to different fabric types and processes, and is used for overcasting, cleaning and joining.


    size chart


    Created for the production of ready-made clothing products; It is the table on which the product technical drawing, measurement locations and measurement details for all sizes are found.


    size sheet


    It is the table that contains the information about the product to be ironed, the measurement places and the measurement details for all sizes.




    These are the connections between the warp and weft threads to form a right angle, according to certain rules.




    A set taken from a particular heap.




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Textile Terms O