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    It is a ready-made clothing product to be dyed.




    It is to prepare for the process by bringing together materials with similar properties.


    Party number


    It is the number of products that have all the same features and are produced at once, within the factory.


    PH value


    It is the value that shows the acidity and alkalinity degree of a liquid. 6 is neutral. From 7 upwards it is basic. From 6 it is acidic.


    pH meter


    It is the instrument or paper that measures the pH value.




    It is the process of mechanically compressing the material.




    It is the needle/wire cylinder located at the output of the carding machine.




    They are high molecular weight compounds formed by repeating structural clusters.


    cotton linter


    They are the short hairs next to the long fibers on the cotton seeds.


    polyester chips


    It is the raw material of polyester yarn, it is used in the form of particles. Its chemical name is “polyethylene terephthalate”.


    polyester melt


    It is the raw material of polyester yarn. Its formations are terephthalic acid + ethylene glycol + titanium dioxide.




    The most important parameter for yarn production in the desired denier; production pump cycle. Therefore, the pump is an element that has an important place in filament production and whose cycles and models change according to production.


    Poy ( partially oriented yarn )


    Partially oriented yarn. Obtained at winding speeds between 3000 – 4000 m/min.




    Fiber (mahlic) cotton; linter cotton; It is the process of turning the cotton fiber wastes that occur during yarn making and ginning into bales in press machines.




    It is a specially made wooden grid on which the yarn bobbins are carried by stacking.




    It is the code given to distinguish or follow the types.




    It is a chemical substance used to reduce the friction of the yarn to be used in knitting machines.


    pneumophila duct


    A piece of yarn or fiber that breaks during production




    It is the ironing mechanism connected to the steam boiler that sticks the fabric to the table when the air extraction system works.


    Layout plan


    It is the layout plan prepared according to the fabric width and order assortment of the manufacturing molds, whose main mold is prepared and serialized in the desired sizes.




    It is an opening with a closing margin given to different parts of the garment.




    Cover made to hide buttons or zipper.




    It is the share taken from the mold to give the body form to the garment.




    It is the part that is sewn to clean the curved parts of the garment.


    tissue paper


    It is thin paper of various colors used for copy work.




    It is the abundance given by folding in order to add form and model feature to the garment.




    It is the work of shaping the fabric, which holds heat and is suitable for folding, by folding it in a certain order with the help of a machine.




    It is a drawing tool with different shapes used to draw curves properly in miniature mold drawing.


    plotter paper


    It is adhesive or non-adhesive drawing paper used in plotter machine.


    plotter machine


    It is a large-sized plotter that generally uses roll-formed paper.




    Blind stitch


    bartack stitch


    It is a wrap stitch made to embellish the garment and reinforce the seam.


    Boss (conical and cylindrical)


    It is the element on which the threads are wound.


    companion card


    It is the table in which the basic features of the product and the processes to be applied to the product to be touched are indicated in order.




    It is a group of materials that have the same properties and are produced at the same time.




    It is a cylindrical platform where the needles are arranged.




    It is the metal element that helps the knitting process in knitting machines.




    It is a fabric divided from the whole to be made thin cut.




    It is a narrow or wide ironing bench with or without a boiler with vacuum feature for fixing the work during ironing and cooling after ironing.


    Press iron


    It is an electric and steam heated ironing table connected to the vacuum system.




    Olybutylene terephthalate is a textured polyester yarn with flexibility and elasticity. PBT has higher elasticity compared to standard polyester types. This feature is developed with special texturing conditions. The unique stretching and rebound properties of PBT are achieved by the high elastic shrinkage applied in the paint and its finish.




    Among synthetic yarns, polyester is the most widely used and ranks second after cotton worldwide. Polyester has high strength (lower than nylon), excellent strength and high abrasion resistance. Low absorbency allows the fiber to dry faster




    It is a cold dyeing machine.




    It is a wooden skeleton that is used to put fabric on it.


    clipboard printing


    It is a woven or printed pattern consisting of a single motif that emerges uninterruptedly in the entire fabric width.




    It is a fabric layer consisting of multiple layers of fabric laid as a single layer or double layer, on which the cut layout is placed.




    It is a filler according to the printing type of the dyes to be printed.




    It is a type of dye that is insoluble in water, adhered to fabric and used in printing.




    It is a knitting type.




    It is the machine that prepares the pattern films with the computer method.




    It is a type of polyester fabric.




    Synthetic fiber drawn from polyethylene terephthalate.




    It is an edge stitch made by rolling the edge of the fabric from the outside to the inside, with a flapping stitch or by holding it under the fold of thin fabrics.




    It is a fold made by folding and overlapping the fabric at regular intervals in order to loosen or decorate fabric or tulle curtains.




    It is a bundle of threads, one end of which is tied and the other ends are free.




    It is the assembly apparatus of jalousie curtains.




    Carpet refers to fiber, yarn and fabric shine.




    On this luxurious-looking, smooth-textured carpet surface, individual tufts are minimally visible. The general appearance of the carpet is the cut yarn ends at the same level.




    It is the overlap in clothing.




    They are the folds made to fit the clothing to the body.




    Back view is (Angle)




    It is an ornamental stitch that is pulled from the top in fine stitching.


    Battery (with battery)


    It is the abundance that is folded according to the model's clothing.




    Two pleats facing each other




    Reinforcement stitching is a wrap stitch used to secure the top and bottom of trouser pockets.


    Sweaters, Jerseys and Cardigans


    It is a fine stitching on men's jacket collars and trouser pockets.




    It is the radius of the machine that weaves knitted tube fabrics. 1 Haze = 1 inch=2.54 cm




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