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    Foil printing is a type of printing in which special foil papers are attached after the glue is transferred to the area where the pattern is.









    In foil printing, papers (foils) that are attached to the adhesive transferred part and show the pattern are used. Foil papers used in foil printing are sold ready-made in the market.

    It is possible to find foil papers in plain colors and different patterns in the market.










    The most important feature of foil paper is that it is resistant to high temperatures. During printing, the foil paper placed on the adhesive must be pressed under pressure at high temperatures so that it can stick and be fixed.











    The foil papers to be used in foil printing must be resistant to high temperature and pressure.

    In foil printing, in order for the foil paper to stick, it is necessary to press the adhesive onto the fabric with printing patterns. Adhesives used in foil printing are transparent. When printing on white or colored fabric with adhesive, businesses mix some dye into the adhesive so that the areas where the adhesive is transferred can be seen. When printing with a lightly colored adhesive, the area where the foil printing paper will be placed can be seen more clearly.


    Adhesives used in foil printing are sold ready-made in the market. The printing plates used in adhesive transfer are the same as those used in flat printing. Ready-made molds that have already been transferred and posed can be used. After printing, the adhesive must be removed from the mold.











    With stencils for foil printing, the foil paper is placed neatly on the pattern after the glue is transferred to the fabric.










    In order for the foil paper to adhere to the adhesive pattern area, it must be pressed under temperature and pressure. Pressing for 150 seconds at 160-5 °C is sufficient for printing.










    If the foil print is made on the fabric, it is pressed in the press machines. If the quantity is printed with foil on the fabric, the pressing takes place in the calender machine.













    1-Prepare the necessary materials for foil printing. (Fabric/piece to be printed -Printing pattern -Scrambler -Adhesive - Foil paper)


    2-The piece of fabric to be printed is laid on the printing table.


    3-Place the print template on the piece of fabric.


    4-Adhesive is poured into the pat garage area of ​​the template.


    5-The adhesive is transferred to the fabric with a scraper.










    6-The template is removed from the part.


    7-The foil paper is placed on the pattern area where the adhesive is transferred. (Here, care must be taken to properly place the foil paper on the fabric.)











    8-Press machine is set to 150-160 °C.


    9-The piece of fabric is pressed with foil paper at 150-160 °C for 5 seconds.











    10- The foil paper is separated from the piece of fabric that comes out of the machine. (The foil paper must be carefully separated so that it does not tear.)

















    11-After the printing process, the printing area and the printing template must be cleaned.




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Foil Printing