Measuring wool diameter by microprojection method
  • Measuring wool diameter by microprojection method



    The purpose of this experiment is to measure the wool fiber diameter in microns with the help of a projection microscope. Fineness is very important in wool fibers and determines the quality of the fiber. In this method, the fibers are examined under the microscope in the longitudinal direction and their thickness is determined. This test method can be applied to all fibers with circular diameters (TS 1186)., BS 2043 )


    Used materials


    Fiber sample, slide, coverslip, glycerine, scissors, comb, Hardy microtome (for cutting fibers to 0,8mm, 0,6mm, or 0,4mm), Projection microscope

    ( Projection microscope; It consists of a light source, a light collector, a tray to hold the fibers on the slide, an objective and eyepiece, and a circular screen. The partitions are by the screen).


    Sample Preparation


    All of the samples are divided into roughly 40 pieces. A pinch is taken from each and divided into two, and one is thrown at random. The other half is divided into two again and some of it is discarded randomly. This process is continued until about 25 fibers remain in each section. The fibers to be measured are thoroughly cleaned, dried and conditioned under standard atmospheric conditions. Enough is taken from the sample to fill the slit of the microtome. After mixing, fiber samples are cut with a hardy microtome. Glycerin is smeared on the slide and the samples are distributed and placed on the slide. Afterwards, the slide is covered with a coverslip so that no air bubbles remain, and the preparation is prepared.


    Experimental Procedure


    The prepared sample is placed on the table of the projection microscope. A clear image is obtained by adjusting the table, sharpness and lens settings of the projection microscope. The thickness from the fiber image is measured by software. The table is moved and brought into line with the other fiber and the thickness of this fiber is also measured. In this way, at least 50 different fibers are measured. After the measurement work is finished, the results are averaged and the fineness and CV value of the wool fiber are determined.





    Measuring wool diameter by microprojection method
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Measuring the wool diameter