Circular Knitted Jacquard Rib Braids
  • Circular Knitted Jacquard Rib Braids



    jacquardı It is possible to give many examples of rib knitting. Is it lateş jacquardı fabric with only longitudinal or transverse lines as ribşwere being produced. The advancement of technology todayşcomputer with mesiı jacquard machines are produced.






    As a result, everyşit jacquardı kumaş is it producibleşTruck. But comeşmiş jacquard produced with technologyı kumaşare also the sameı play machinebusinessemerged with the principle of maıkmaktadır. jacquardı form rib braidsşumu: The front surface is patternedşwhile the back surface of the knittingşuse it for my hopeıyour threads ndLIGHT system mantLIGHT vardır.


    Needle setting:

    computerizedı jacquardı which machinesğwhat, when and what color will you knit?ği is selected automatically, while i is selected on mechanical machines.ğmanual setting of what layoutı required. oreğour jacquardı your ribın knit on a mechanical machineğI'm here to lickğwhat layout reportımy karmaız is required. upısample alsoğthe given sand mılook at youLIGHTmıOn zda, 8 may is seen in purple and 8 may in orange. Two different types of ribs with double steel trackı foot (heel) iğwhat are you talking aboutştic. one in cylinder i will knit the colorğwhat only A iğwhat to chooseğthe one who will knit the each color orangeğfor what B iğwhat would you preferğtrace. Cover of the machineğwhat they have to be in the normal rib patternı It is sufficient.





    In this layout, the machineğwhat is setıAfter dyeing, the threads of both colors will turn one purple and one orange. şshould be passed through shuttles in the plant.


    shuttle setting:

    jacquardı knit on ribşfrom the llamağwhat ağzına your threads didn't come regularlyği should be checked. Required shuttle settingsı yapıokıdır.


    Steel settings

    Longitudinal striped rib fabric nıSteels must also be arranged in order to produce n. The cover systems of the rib machine are complete.ıattach loop steels to both steel tracksıokıdır. The cylinder is purple threadğin bağlı foundğIn these systems, the upper steel loop and the lower steel jumper steel.ği wouldır. Orange drawstringğin bağlı olduğIn these systems, the upper steel jumper steelği, loop steel if bottom steelği must beıdır. Thus, the machine can sand any color. i on the front face of the n only in the steel pathğwhat he will be able to knit.






    May setting:

    The fabric to be knitted n may tuneı useıIt should be adjusted according to the raw material and desired properties.ıdır.


    Tension and pulley half:

    Check out the braid's steel reportıldLIGHTin every systemşspent a lot of yarnLIGHT is seen. Therefore, it is the same for all the systems of the machine.ı pulley or pulley adjustmentı the sameı olacak şIn this way, movement can be given from two pulleys.





    Fabric draft setting:

     knit işmake your promiseşhung upğour sandş to be patternedıwhat's upğLike normal rib, there is a s in every system.ırasını is completingır. Shooting settingsı jumpsıwhat happensı due to moreşmust be highıdır. side of this situationı sıra desired unit afiedrlLIGHT, sand n youştaking into account the features such asş shooting settingı yapıokıdır.





    Knitting the Sample

    All necessary settings on the machineıwhat do you doılmasısample afterımı some sand forş should be knitted.


    Making Checks

    sample fabricş the machine must be stopped after knittingı and sample fabricş cut and checkıokıdır. Knitted sample fabric n unit weightının is at the desired level absenceLIGHT, knit report, report size, fabric n raw material, tuşhis wife andğknitting features snow laştırılır. If available, with sample sample, if not, orderş form with snow laştırıis controlled.


    Making the Production

    Do all the checksıdamn the sandş may not have the desired properties. In this case, the machine setsıfor the desired featuresğişmake a switchıokıdır. TOğeach sample requestedğsand if he has n should be produced. during productionında machine cağlıclearıput yarn inşin the report or orderş have the characteristics specified in the formıattention should be paid. during productionıat certain intervalsıclary sandşmake the controls by cutting the sampleıokıdır.




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Circular Knitted Jacquard Rib Braids