Circular Knitting Machine
  • Circular Knitting Machine

    They are knitting machines in which knitting needles are arranged side by side and on a circular needle bed. A wide or narrow fabric tube is created. In circular knitting machines, other knitting elements are placed in a circular manner in accordance with the needles. Thread is laid on the needles from the fixed thread guides. The knitting process is carried out by the rotating needles by moving the knitting needles up and down with the fixed needle locks (moving the needles, selecting the needles according to the knitting, determining the density and properties of the tissue, briefly obtaining the texture with the lock device in weft knitting).










    In this system, yarns are knitted.ğwhat is fed directly. Circular knitting machines, yarn fixed, iğPlay whats one by one with the principle of movingheatr and circular knitting machines are faster than flat knitting machines.ızlı they can produce.

    Machine drive on circular knitting machinesğget down, into the produced sandş and use the knitting machineım has a great influence onır. The drive is h with a constant acceleration.ısluggish and slowşLamay.ı sağlamellaıdır. The machine is definitely a tough one. şshould not be braked. In this case the thread or iğwhat can be damaged.

    drive mechanismsının sideı sıin ra circular knitting machinesğThere are also cams that control the thrust and sinker movement.ır. Make your patternısıaccording to iğwhat a dipğget offılavuzlandLIGHT cam path (channelı) ofğişmust be capableıdır. Spindlewhat's iğwhat homeıtiter inşbookmark should be blocked or at leastıreduce fromıokıdır.

    Circular knitting machineş, forming a circular shape from a cylinderısnow.Then a paver vasıheapıGet a flat form withır. sand n not folded before reaching the take-up rollersıattention should be paid to.

    in the coil yıcı donateımı could be arranged in a circular form on the machineğside of the machine like iısettle inşknurledş can also be found. İthğaccording to the coil yıcı apparatusıwhat the hellğpoll myıcısı a motorized fan, iğfor what and platinums eitherğinsert blade systemıIt can be used.









    knitting machine high hıplay zdabusinesstLIGHTthread on the bobbinğproduction stops in case of depletionını and errorsıwhat happensşmoreını use spare coil to avoidılır.

    A di found in circular knitting machinesğeach system, yarn measuring devices with yarn reserve that deliver constant yarn per unit timeıdır. İyarn breakşhomeı tradeıknitted faultı kumaş quantityını Yarn measuring devices with sufficient yarn reserve to reduceı gelişknurledşTruck. İyarn breakşduring uıin the feeder until the machine stops.businessThere is a yarn reserve.

    But jacquardı was in their productionğlike this, different for each feeder per unit time.ı use lots of yarnımının has beenğIn these cases, in unit timeğişUse the same quantities of yarn conveying devices.ılır.Normally a high resilienceğcircular knitted fabric withşknitted fabricşflexible inği got moreıUse on elastic threads to knitılmtadır.şlıcause of ca; sandş apparent neatness in attitude and clothing, body-hugging, and consumers' desire for more comfortable clothing. Use elastic threadsımı use clothes containing these threadsımı during şkeep your shapes and use morebusinesslı with the sandşhomeıwhat happensşhope forğlambusinesstır. separateıca textile eşyasınıworn for the first timeğwhen i fit a better clothingğu hğlaması also big it's an advantageır. burn thisı sıboiling point of the textile productıdon't treat in opportunity sağlanır. In circular knitting machines; cotton and cotton snowheatmı threads, such fabricşhomeıuse nım areası use it moreılmtadır. separateıuse caım areaıelastane-containing yarns such as polyester, viscose, spandex are used in these machines.warm.









    Circular knitting machinesıuse as kıdamn baseı terms: 





    knit iğwhat happensşturduğu special şplanted thread ringsıbasis of şekline or knitted fabric n baseı loop name to unitı It is given.İto seeğwhat and aboutısı with drawstringğbe with the full movement ofşur. diğcrosswise and longitudinally together with each loopğlantıThe basic function in the formation of the knitting surface withşit makes clay.



    - Haze (Diameter): İmachine diameter in inchesını specifies. From 14 nits to 34 nitsğişThere are machines in first haze. 






    Makinenin is one of the most prominent specific features of i in an Inch (2,54 cm).ğwhat do you sayısını i.e. the fineness of the machineğspecifies the one. increased faultıthe finer the yarn counts, the less Faynıstay longerıWe can use n threads in the machine. 16 and 18 Faults are also Riba type; 20 Faults İInterlock type 22 and 28 single jersey machines are available in Fayn.

    S of Circular Knitting Machinesınıflandırılması

    1. Single bedı knitting machines

    1. Double bedı knitting machines şmake it likeıIt can be used.










    Single Bedı Knitting Machines 



    This type of machine is knitting with a single cylinder.ısıas a mlar iğwhat and platinums became availableğu are machines. In this type of machines, as the market term, single-layerı kumaşare named asırdLIGHTmıMake z single jersey, lacoste, two, three thread type fabricsılır. separateısteel conforming to ca and iğwhat line upşalso by applying them to the machineğiştwo types of patterned fabricşcan be obtained. 



    double bedı Circular Knitting Machines 



    These types of machines are called cylinders and covers.ırdLIGHTmız two iğwhat to sleepfied vardır. separateıca cylinder iğwhats and cover iğwhat's available and these machines are also available in platinum.ğyear. Cylinder and cover iğplay whats 90° perpendicular to each otherheatthey are. double bedı between themselves in machinesıNda

    a) Rib machines

    b) İdivided into two as interlock machinesılır.



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Circular Knitting Machine