Circular Knitted RR Weave Type Rib Knits
  • Circular Knitted RR Weave Type Rib Knits


    RR weaving type rib knits are used for cylinder and cover knitting in rib circular knitting machines.ğwhat makes jumps according to the reportı knits obtained in the pattern. waveı fabric produced with rib knitsş surface; transverse and longitudinal direction, flexibleği dşit looks neat.



    1-İswiss type woven knitting report

    2- Flamenk type woven mesh report

    3-Dutch type woven knitting report

    Make woven rib knitsıThe rib circular knitting machine must have double steel tracks in order to be able to knit.ı must. one type iğIt is also possible to produce this braid on a steel machine.ğyear. 

    In order to knit woven type rib knits, the machineğLike what scheme will the weave be produced?ği machine was double steel trackğthe cover or cylinder of the machineğwhat will be 1 in 1 ştwo flowers in the plantşit should be arranged as this işlem machineğwhat to sleepfiedshould be fully applied toıdır.

    In weaving type rib knits, allğwhat playbusinesstırıldLIGHT shuttle settings forının threadğas you can comfortablyğdo it in i positionılması must. shuttle settingı yapıldıStabilizing salmon after fryingğslideştırıokıdır. 

    Knitting report of woven type rib knit examinedğknitşdon't tourıUse jump and loop steelsıldLIGHT is seen. sand steel settings in knitting nını sand to make n knitting reports are neededır. see knitting reportımake the steel array of the machine asılması easierır. AşafiedThe steel sequence of the woven type rib knit according to the knitting report is shown inşTruck. seen aboveğSteel array like ü has four system reports. In this case, the machine system numberısı steel layout report again until finishedı be by doingşis toured. Make steel array of all systemsıldısystems after k, pırası snowbusinesstırıIt is mounted on the machine without here sıranın profitbusinessmoreı; due to the inability to obtain the desired surfaceısı will cause an error.

    Woven type rib fabric May setting for knitting nının a little sıkı fact thatı must. Because the jumping threads are excessive on the knitting surface.ır. TOğsooner may tuneı gevşif additional The jump threads remaining on the back surface of theş stretchedğIt can be seen from the front surface. 

    Tension and pulley adjustment: Woven type fabric double hoop in knitting nı use furniersılmasworkincreasedır. TOğIf we feed all the yarns from a single pulley, the 2nd and 4th system will spend.LIGHT yarn quantityı s 1st and 3rd system spentLIGHT yarn quantityı the sameı absenceLIGHTplay machine frombusinesstıramayız. This so odd numbers like system 1 and 3ılı systems from the 1st pulley, even numbers such as the 2nd and 4th systemsılı systems will take action from the 2nd pulley. şshould be set upıdır. pulley adjustmentı yapılıAdjustment on both pulleysşAfter the operation is finished, the fixing salmon in the upper section is right.ğslideştırılır. Otherwise play machinebusinesstLIGHTslip inbusinessrelax in theşsuck it upşur. slip laterbusiness slip off the tension armbusinesshomeın tenseğand withğshould beıdır.

    Fabric draft setting: Kumaş shooting settingı, happened in all knitting techniquesğu like this knitting techniqueğknitted sandşdetermined by a. play machineheatearly sandş tenseği is manually controlled, shooting according to the situation hızı dişgrown or raised.


    Making the sample

    All necessary settings on the machineıwhat do you doılmasısample afterımı some sand forş should be knitted. During sample knittingımachine settings inıin any ofğişmake a switchıshouldn'tıdır. In fixed settingsıblood sample fabricş checked and necessary settings are collected do it anywayıokıdır. Otherwise, do it while knitting the sample.ıdamn baseı in tuneğişsamples kuma n a kısmımay not appear.


    Making Checks

    sample fabricş the machine must be stopped after knittingı and sample fabricş by cutting make the checksıokıdır. Knitted sample fabric n firstly unit weightınıwhether n is at the desired levelLIGHT (eğIf available, with sample sample, if not, order.ş with the form) profit laştırıis controlled. Then knitting report, view, sand n raw material, tuşesi, report size, amount of yarn spentı snow laştırılıp is checked.


    Making the Production

    Do all the checksıdamn the sandşmay not have the desired properties. In this case, the machine setsıfor the desired featuresğişmake a switchıokıdır. TOğeach sample requestedğsand if he has n should be produced. during productionında machine cağlıclearıput yarn inşwith the feature specified in the report (lot numberı, color, thread countı, raw material etc.) threads (bobbins)ıattention should be paid to.



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Circular Knitted RR Weave Type Rib Knits