Circular Knitting RR Needle Canceled Rib Knits
  • Circular Knitting RR Needle Canceled Rib Knits


    RR Needle-Cancelled Rib Knitting





    Spindlemost use as an example of rib knits with ne cancellationıwhat the fuckşcorset knit fabricş administered. kaşcorset (2x1 or 2x2 kaşcorset) knitted fabricş, in circular rib knitting machines, all three needles in the cover and cylinderğwhy do it with someone cancelingılan RR rib (2x1 rib) knitşwas. Became elastic in the transverse directionğMore bands, hems, sweaters, women's wear, etc. for u. use in placesılmtadır.Spindlewhat cancel braids doıit happened in all braids so that it couldğbase of machine like uı settingsının ofğişmust be swept. 


    Needle setting: 

    Kaşcorset fabric In order to knit n, first iğwhat order is setı required. kaşso that the corset can be knittedğwhat's in the cap and in the cylinder two full bottlesş will stay şshould be arranged in the plant. this işFirst do it on the cylinderıokı then in the cylinderşaltıdamnğwhat's snow sıtwo plays on the coverheati in case rğwhat's next şshould be arranged in the plant.


    Cover slide adjustment:

    Spindleknits with ne cancellation cover iğwhat cylinder iğmultiply with whatbusinessbreastsı and according to the characteristics of the weaveğwhat threeıkbusiness cover record for locatingırma işdo the trickılır. Spindlewhat came to the desired positionğin the settingğtwo sides of the breastıstabilizers inğslideştırılır.


    shuttle setting:

    It is attached to the main body on the cover steels in rib machines.ğlı shuttle recordırma systemır. This system is keyımıset withır. This setting yapıif not, play machinebusinesstırıldLIGHTat iğwhat ağzıwhat do you doıdesired yarn feed to complete the movefiedKnittingşst.


    Steel settings:

    Kaşcorset fabricş in the production of the steel of the machineğişit doesn't need to be spun. RR was in plain rib knitğu-like loop (over jersey) steelğuse iılmtadır. But the baseı braids both iğneither cancel nor askı and jump işformed by the combination ofşmakadır. In such a case, the specificğsteel to the machine according to theğişmake your bookmarkılması must.


    May setting:

    Kaşcorset (Spindlewhat to cancel) to the sandşhomeımay setting in the production of nı is important. May settingı sıkı fact thatı in case of sandş i would be toughır. In this case the sandş desired flexibility.ğI cannot give. Spindlewhat a cancellationşMay tuneı more open than flat rib knitsık settings are given.


    Tension and pulley adjustment

    SpindleNe cancel knits consume less yarn than plain rib knits. One on the machineğeven if it is reduced, the pulley adjustmentının redoılması must. pulley adjustmentınıwhether n is at the desired levelLIGHTnı play machine to understandbusinesstırılır and between the furnitor and the shuttleıthread tensionedği is checked. post controlı eğeach thread is taut or looseşpulley adjustment if additionalı should be rearranged.


    Fabric draft setting;

     kumaş shooting settingı happened in all knitting techniquesğu like this knitting techniqueğknitted sandşdetermined by a. play machineheatearly sandş tenseği is manually controlled, shooting according to the situation hızı dişproduced or raised. The important thing to note here is that theş if i take too muchğwhat spoils and sandşbreak outşur. mirrorworkin plant eğprivate sandş shooting settingı very relaxedşappendix bırakılırsa iğdon't havefiedzsında yLIGHTthings happen andğwhat disruptions happen.


     Knitting the Sample

    All necessary settings on the machineıwhat do you doılmasısample afterımı some sand forş should be knitted. this sırada machine sıtemperatureLIGHT taking into accountşplay at high speedbusinesstırıokıdır. During sample knittingımachine settings inıin any ofğişmake a switchıshouldn'tıdır. In fixed settingsıblood sample fabricş checked and necessary settings are collected do it anywayıokıdır. Otherwise, do it while knitting the sample.ıdamn baseı in tuneğişsamples kuma n a kısmımay not appear. dueısıcheck withıdamn the sandş with oaşfabric produced in amadaş differentı can.


    Making Checks


    sample fabricş the machine must be stopped after knittingı and sample fabricş cut and checkıokıdır. Knitted sample fabric n is primarily thread lengthğu or knitted fabricş weightı whether it was at the desired levelLIGHT eğIf available, with sample sample, if not, orderş form with snow laştırıis controlled. after sırasıwith the sand n raw material, tuşhis wife and diğer knitting features profit laştırılır is checked.


    Making the Production

    Do all the checksıdamn the sandş may not have the desired properties. In this case, the machine setsıIn order to achieve the desired features inğişmake changesıokıdır. TOğeach sample requestedğsand if he has n should be produced. during productionında machine cağlıclearıput yarn inşthe mirror while strokingı number yarnıattention should be paid. Even the production serial numbers of the yarnsınıeven differentı i'm notı open the quality of productionısımore important than because the baseı mirror in casesı be a numberıwhat's upğdifferent fromı yarns in lotsş on the transverse line (yarn abrajı) şmay cause an error. Continuation of productionıcontinuation of production quality from time to timeılLIGHT make checks forıokıdır.


    2x1 Camisole fabric production

    1-Cover and cylinder of the machineğwhats 2 full 1 emptyş şIt is set in the appendix.( Spindlewhat doıcardıto avoid premature damageğwhat is your tongueı fact thatıshould be noted.)






    2- Cover recordingırma işlemini iğdo what orderı( Cover recordırma or iğwhat line upş işin the realm iğthe position of what should be as in the figure). 

    3- Shuttle adjustmentını It is changed from 1x1 to 2x2. (Shuttle adjustmentını madeıafter washing the fixing salmonğslideştıRMAyi must not be forgotten)






    4- Completely loop steel of the cover and cylinder steels of the machineğback to the lairş(When replacing the steels, iğwhat feetının steel path dheatnot stay inıattention is paid.)

    5- May sets on the cover and cylinderı Open 2–3 degreesı( . May tuneı while all systemsı olduğAttention is paid to it.)






    6- İthread tension adjustmentı make from hoopıit is. (Pulley adjustmentı tighten the fastening nutvşappendix bıunmatched.. Otherwise, play the machineheatearly setting selfğalso fromğişir.)

    7- Sandş shooting settingı is made.ş shooting settingınof winding deviceının both sidesıalso eşbe itıshould be noted.)






    8- Sand enough to cut the sampleş knitted.( Machine sets in sample productionınot touched)

    9- The machine is stopped and the sample is placed in the sand.ş (The sample is cut into the sand)ş bottom of the machine for cuttingıThe machine is definitely turned off as it will be entered.)

    10- Unit weight of the sampleı sample fabricş with snow laş(The sample is clean and faultless.)ıto be zıcare is taken)

    11- Sample sandş If it is in the desired feature, it starts production.şlances.



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Circular Knitting RR Needle Canceled Rib Knits