Circular Knitted-RR Interlock Lining Knits
  • Circular Knitted-RR Interlock Lining Knits



    Lining knits are defined as lining knits because the two surfaces of the fabric are different from each other in terms of color and yarn. Lining knits produced on RR interlock circular knitting machines; It is obtained by making use of needle and lock sequences.


    They are created by using yarns in two different colors or with different yarn counts and twists.


    It is common here to use threads of different numbers and colors.


    It is desired that the yarn that will form the lining side be thicker in terms of number.


    They have a denser structure compared to other fabrics. The threads are seen on the front and back surfaces of the fabric due to the places where they are laid from the shuttles to the needles.


    They are used in making daily and night dresses and baby dresses.


    In interlock circular knitting machines, the knitting pattern is completed in 2 systems by using the loop knitting elements of the lining knitting.


    In the first system, long needles are looped, while in the second system, short needles are looped.


    For this, after the long and short needles are attached in the machine, the steels are arranged according to the knitting report.








    After the lock systems are placed on the machine and the yarns are given to the shuttles, the machine is started slowly and a meter of fabric is knitted.


    While the sample fabric is being produced, it is monitored whether there is a needle break on the fabric or there is an error in the knitting.


    In order to learn whether the fabric produced has the features we want, some fabric is cut from the fabric and checked. Here, it is checked whether there are any traces on the fabric.


    The most important feature to look at in the produced sample is the fabric weight.


    For this, the loop thread length on a certain needle is measured or the weight of the fabric is cut and weighed on a precision scale.


    According to these data, the fabric weight is adjusted from the pulleys or mines and the sample is taken again.


    After the fabric produced is adjusted to the desired properties, production begins. By increasing the machine speed, the desired weight of fabric is produced.




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Circular Knitted-RR Interlock Lining Knits