Circular Knitted-RR Interlock Vanize Knits
  • Circular Knitted-RR Interlock Vanize Knits



    RR inTerlock vanize knits are a type of knitting obtained by using two different yarns, such as color number and raw material, in double-plate interlock circular knitting machines.







    The basis of this knitting is that two yarns make loops at the same time and in the same system, as in other vanize weaves. The appearance of the threads on the front and back is achieved by feeding the threads from the thread lugs (shuttles) to the needle from different points.


    The interlock vanize knitting pattern, which is created by using only loops in double plate circular knitting machines, consists of 2 cylinders and 2 cover needles, as in normal interlock knitting.








    According to the knitting report, the long and short needles are arranged in the 1X1 position and a loop steel is attached to all systems. The needles are fed from two different places suitable for the shuttles by passing through 2 different thread guides to be used. After the needle array is made and the locks are attached, the machine is operated in the slow position and some fabric is produced to make the controls. During production, it is monitored whether the knitting report is made correctly and whether there are knitting errors in the machine.


    The produced sample is taken by cutting the fabric on the machine and it is checked whether there is a needle mark knitting report error on the fabric. Then, the appropriateness of the weight of the knitted fabric is checked and arrangements are made. These controls are an indispensable business rule for the smooth production of production.






    After the sample controls are made, the necessary settings are corrected and fabric production with the desired properties is started. In the production of vanize knits, the appearance of the yarns on the fabric should be monitored.



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Circular Knitted-RR Interlock Vanize Knits